Friday, 18 December 2015

Missing Faces

Last night I sat holding the hand of a dying woman as she drifted in and out of drug induced sleep.  Her son will stay with her until the end, she is at home with friends and family around her.  This is the way I would wish to go when the time comes.    She has been a friend of my family for many years and always popped around on Christmas Day.  Along with my parents, aunts and uncles, she is yet another person whose smiling face will be missing from this years Christmas celebrations.  All now memories captured in old photographs.

I'm not a Christmassy person, for me the day is about spending time with family, I realise that I am very lucky to be able to do this, for many it can be a lonely time.  I won't be going over the top, there will be presents to open and food to eat and weather permitting our usual walk on the beach.  The most important thing is to spend time together.  Life is very precious and gone too soon. We hope to leave happy memories for our children and grandchildren.  Not by spending huge amounts of money on them, but by spending precious time together.  Capturing these times in photos of our loved ones.

Chickpea xx

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Needles and Pillow Talk

Storms are crashing around the house, whipping the trees as if they are little twigs.   I love the change in season I couldn't contemplate living somewhere the weather was the same all the time.  Winter brings the excuse to shut yourself away, light the fire and get some crafting done.  Of course it's not all good, driving to and from work in the dark is pretty depressing but I will grab my little pleasures where I can.

I have taken up my crochet needle and sit by the fire working on a blanket.  I have never actually crocheted anything before so I am hoping this turns out o.k., even if it doesn't I am enjoying making the little circles and I will snuggle in it's warmth.

I complete a couple of the circles each night if possible, hopefully by the time I take my Xmas leave I will be able to start joining them together to make my first granny square blanket.  I have admired so many that other bloggers have shared, now I'm taking up the challenge of making my own.  It will be my Winter Project for the link party hosted by thistlebear.  Pop over and take a look at all of the beautiful projects that have inspired me to take up a crochet needle.  Oh dear, nothing like putting pressure on myself, if you never see it on here again you know it's all gone tits up :)

Not happy with having one project on the go I will also be picking up my sewing needle and attempting some dressmaking.  My mother was a fantastic dressmaker and tailor but I never took it up, much to my regret now.  Yes I was a stroppy teenager who thought sewing was boring!  I picked this pattern up while in London.  It says 'easy', well we shall see!  Ditto the above if it never appears again.

Talking of needles I have also booked some acupuncture sessions.  I had my first session last week, if they can help with the hot flushes it may help with my insomnia.  A couple of people recommended it, I'm not sure if it will work for me but I'm willing to try anything!  Have any of you tried it?  The needles didn't bother me, it was the lying still for what seemed like ages after that I found hard, I'm such a fidget but was afraid they would drop out if I moved too much.

We had to buy a new radio alarm the other day and had the option of buying this with it.  I bet you were wondering what the pillow talk of the title was,  sorry to disappoint :)   It won't cure my insomnia but it helps pass those tortured hours when sleep evades me.

You plug it into your radio alarm and pop the speaker under your pillow, you can then listen to it without disturbing your partner, I find it more comfortable than earphones.  

I hope my blogging friends in the U.K. are keeping safe from the storms and floods.  I'm off to play with the Samba band today at the Padstow food festival.  Fingers crossed that I don't get blown into the harbour!!

Chickpea xx