Saturday, 10 December 2016

I have a safety warning!

Cooking Xmas Dinner should be interesting this year!  I have had my gas disconnected as there was a leak in one of the gas taps on the hob, and a notice is now taped on it warning that it is not to be used.  It is an old model Aga and that part is discontinued, the engineer also turned the electric off and left me with nothing basically, and no solution.  Well thanks for that.  I am now in talks with Aga about the useless lump of metal in my kitchen that they need to sort out one way or another as I cannot afford to buy another.   We turned the electric back on so I can use the ovens, that had a fault as well but it has probably been like that for years, along with the gas leak as the previous owner neglected everything in the house.  My son lent me a single portable induction hob, and I have a microwave so with a lot of planning and prep before hand I will manage.

As if life isn't challenging enough at the moment, I have decided to set myself a challenge and join in with Veganuary  I have been vegan in the past but went back to being vegetarian while trying to get my head around the whole gluten intolerance thing.  I'm looking forward to it......and dreading it in equal measures.  I love vegan food and most of my main meals are vegan, but will miss cooking up a quick omelette when I get home tired and hungry, and cheese and rice cakes are my go-to quick snack.  Eating out is going to be a nightmare, being vegetarian and gluten free is hard enough, I can hear chefs groaning from the kitchen when I explain my dietary needs.   Oh well I won't have any money to eat out in January anyway.  There are some who think I'm completely mad for doing this, but each to their own.  Have any of you taken part in any of the month long challenges,  Stoptober, giving up alcohol, giving up television/social media, buy nothing, daily drawing, doing something nice for a stranger?  There's lots of challenges out there.

My son is still staying with us (along with his dogs) while he recovers.  We are hoping he can get through Xmas without further dramas but his surgeon has said she is on call between Xmas and New Year so just to go into the hospital and see her if he has any concerns.  I don't seem to be able to get into the Xmas spirit at all, but I am like this most years.  There is far too much pressure on people to spend lots of money, have ridiculous amounts of food and have the 'perfect' family Xmas.  Just sharing a meal with our family is enough for me, all the rest is just optional.  What I am really looking forward to is the winter solstice, I am so fed up with dark evenings and can't wait to be able to get out into the garden after work.  I will be celebrating the return of the light by filling the house with candles, all very hygge.

Have a good week everyone,

Chickpea xx

Tuesday, 6 December 2016


First I would like to thank you for all your supportive comments on my last post and apologise for not replying.  It has been a rollercoaster of a week for the family as my son has been back into the hospital again for further surgery.  He is now staying with us again while he recovers, but he really has been through the mill and it is going to take a while before he is fit enough to do much.  The treatment he received was excellent, his surgeon came in first thing Saturday morning to operate on him, the nurses and doctors were very professional but the food and cleanliness of the hospital left much to be desired.  It has been privatised and the firm now responsible for catering and cleaning should be ashamed of themselves.  It has made me even more determined to fight privatisation of the NHS if this is what we can expect.  Overflowing clinical waste bins and out of date food.  Awful.  Thankfully he is here with us now and getting some home cooked food.

When people ask 'if you had one wish what would it be' I would wish for a cure for Crohns Disease, it is such an awful illness. He has been in and out of hospitals since he was 14, and I have to say we are both sick of the sight of the bloody place, but are very grateful for the NHS.  Anyway I'm rambling, and tired so I'm off to make a cuppa before sorting out the next lot of tablets to take up to him.

I hope you are all keeping well, health really is the most precious gift any of us could have.

Chickpea xx