Monday, 27 February 2017

Kick me while I'm down why don't you

You know I told you my brain is all over the place at the moment, well the proof popped through the door the other morning.  A speeding ticket!!!!  The first one I have ever had :(  I do vaguely remember driving through a village, completely stressed mind on other things then realising I was going a bit fast, just my luck that a mobile speed camera was lurking there somewhere.  I am the one who always sticks to the limit, often to the annoyance of drivers behind me, and blow me I'm the one with a flipping fine.  I wasn't going very fast but I was over the limit so fair cop.  Of course I haven't changed the address on my driving license so that's a further complication I don't need.

The bearded one has also been ill for the last week with cold/cough combo which has now driven him to his bed, most unlike him.  I am up and down the stairs with food and drink for both him and my son and trying to stay positive.  I have to admit to shedding a few tears this morning.  My mum has been gone 16 years now but I really wanted to have my mum around to look after me.  I need a brake from being the adult, I just want to revert to being the child for a few hours.

Chickpea xx

Monday, 20 February 2017

The Long Road to Recovery

Our amazing, brave son has undergone major life changing surgery.  After 24 hours on the recovery ward looked after by a lovely nurse he is now back on the general ward starting the long road to recovery.  His strength and determination will get him through this and hopefully he will now have a better quality of life.  We are so very proud of him.

I will keep you updated on him and our new life in the country as much as possible.  Not much to report so far but the solar panels are now on the roof, we are waiting for the poles to the house to be upgraded and for the battery to be fitted.  It will feel so good to be generating our own electricity.  I have also ordered the log burner and am so excited, it even has a tiny oven in the top, ideal for cooking Cornish Pasties :)

I haven't managed to finish all the veg patches but have garlic growing in the one I completed and have potatoes chitting ready to go in.  I have lots of seeds here I'm sure I'm meant to be doing something with but as you can imagine other things have taken priority.  Oh well they will be potted at some stage.  The poly tunnel needs sorting before they can go in anyway, and I need to get some sort of rabbit proof fence sorted.  I'm not intending to open a cafe for rabbits!

I need to find another easy knitting project to take my mind off things, probably another shawl, mindless, repetitive stitching is what is needed at the moment.  Being surrounded by the beauty of nature in our new home also helps sooth the soul during these stressful times.  My mind is all over the place at the moment, I even tried to get out of the hospital car park without paying for the ticket, my brain couldn't comprehend why the barrier wouldn't go up.  Even worse, when I was driving my son to the Emergency Department last week in thick fog I couldn't for the life of me remember how to work the fog lights, now that is bad!

There are half painted walls and half finished projects all over, including a channel dug out of the wall for an electric cable and flaking pink paint in our sons room.  I will warn the nurses that it is a work in progress and the horrible pink walls and carpets everywhere are not our choice.  Our priority now is to keep the house warm and comfortable for him, the titivating can wait.

I hope you are all keeping well my friends, and that life is good to you,

Chickpea xx