60 things to do before I'm 60

This is a work in progress, it is surprisingly hard for me to think of 60 things I still want to do in my life.  Try it yourself and see how you get on.

1.  Start a blog - done
2.  Visit Barcelona to see the architecture of Gaudi
3.  Go horse riding
4.  Have a dog
5.  Ride in a dog sledge
6.  Walk on Bodmin Moor 
7.  Learn the Cornish language
8.  Cycle the Camel Trail
9.  Walk the Cornish Coastal path - started
10. Make my own clothes - done
11. Have a veg patch - done
12. Go to Ikea ( I have never been to one!)
13. Make a double wedding ring quilt
14. Walk the St Clements path - done
15. Visit the Barbara Hepworth studio - done
16. Visit Kew Gardens
17. Celebrate May Day at the Obby Oss
18. Look inside Brighton Pavilions
19. Walk around the Merry Maidens/Men an Tol
20. See a Shakespeare play at The Globe
21. See the Northern Lights/visit Iceland
22. Create a wildlife garden - started
23. Go inside the Houses of Parliament
24.  Marazion Marsh Starling Roost
25. Visit Amsterdam
26.  Work from home
27.  See a Cornish chough in the wild
28.  See the London School of Samba at Notting Hill Carnaval
29.  Visit Totnes
30.  Go to a Pixies gig - done
31.  Re-visit Liverpool
32.  Swim in the sea, haven't done this for years!
33.  Crochet an afghan blanket - started
34.  Foraging day
35. Photography workshop
36. Visit the American Museum in Bath 
37. Grow fruit trees
38.  Learn more about wild flowers/plants
39.  Learn more about birds, insects and wild creatures
40.  Start pressing flowers
41.  Move out of the city - done
42.  Eat at a Yotam Ottolenghi restaurant - done
43.  Visit the Yorkshire Dales and Sculpture Park
44.  Travel on the sleeper to the Scottish Highlands
45.  Visit Camden  - done
46.  Learn to make baskets - done
47.  Learn to spin wool
48. Visit Morwellham Quay
49. Make a 'Liberty' quilt.
50. Walk the tramways - started
51.  Vist Eden through the seasons
52. Grow my own willow to make baskets
53. Visit Carnglaze cavern
54. Make my own cheese/butter
55. Preserve my own fruit/veg
56. Knit a Fairisle jumper


  1. Hi Chickpea

    i read your profile and saw that you have had an ovarian cancer scare and that you are doing a sixty by sixty thingy. I discovered a while before I was 60 that I have the BRCA2 gene. I had already started on my "Project 60" but thought you might like to see my list. I did not complete it and have now started "Project seventh decade"

    1. Do a thousand piece jigsaw puzzle
    2. Play a game I've never played
    3. Go to a WI meeting
    4. Do a scrapbook of my childhood
    5. Learn to juggle
    6. Make a Herman starter (Amish friendship cake or cake chain letter) and share
    7. Get on a random bus and see where it takes me
    8. See if I can read an author who has used my name in their book or has the same name as me.
    9. Read or listen to Pilgrim’s Progress
    10. Go to a museum / art gallery / national trust property that I have never been to
    11. Go see a league football match.
    12. Go for a whole week at home without watching TV or using the internet
    13. Photograph sixty sunsets from sixty places
    14. Get my colours done
    15. Do a completely useless course.
    16. Go bat or bird watching somewhere near home
    17. Play my guitar in public
    18. Watch a horror film
    19. Place a bet
    20. Walk to the market square and back. (I am disabled)
    21. Visit Sam and Keith (friends now living in France).
    22. Learn to make my own bras
    23. Go to a dog track
    24. Sell something on e bay.
    25. Complete pink patchwork
    26. Lose 60 lbs
    27. Average 6000 steps a day for a month
    28. Make a retreat
    29. Arrange a sixtieth birthday “do”.
    30. Hold a bird
    31. Park my car in the garage
    32. Make sushi
    33. Create a courtyard garden.
    34. Listen to sixty prom concerts
    35. Earn £6000.
    36. Knit a garment for myself.
    37. Make a welcome banner.
    38. Go to the races
    39. Sleep a night in my guest room (exceedingly untidy and packed with junk!)
    40. Revise my will
    41. Compile a collection of 60 pieces of prose and poetry and give copies to my friends.
    42. Find “I am sixty” in sixty languages
    43. Receive 60 postcards from 60 different places
    44. Go pillion on a motor bike
    45. Host an old fashioned afternoon tea
    46. Watch 60 films
    47. Taste an alchoholic drink you have never had before
    48. Eat in a top restaurant
    49. Cook 60 new recipes
    50. Make a pattern for trousers and make a perfectly fitting pair
    51. Have a Garra Rufa pedicure
    52. Plant 60 bulbs
    53. Eat frogs legs
    54. Spend a day at the seaside doing all childish things - paddling in the sea, collecting shells, eating fish and chips, and playing on the slotties! (You can give a donkey ride a miss, but must have a photo taken with them)
    55. Stay at a health spa
    56. See the ceremony of the keys
    57. Have a protective oophorectomy
    58. Organise a picnic for my extended family
    59. Make a professional looking flower arrangement
    60. Make a list for Project 70!

  2. Hi Frugally challenged, thank you so much for sharing your list, I especially like the photograph 60 sunsets from 60 places. I haven't managed to list 60 things yet, I'm still working on that. I will be interested to see your Project seventh decade. It's all about making the most of every single day isn't it xx

  3. Hi Chickpea
    This looks like a list that I could have compiled. Good luck with the challenge, you have some fun to look forward to! I'll be interested to read about your progress. Christina x

  4. Hi Christiana, I will keep you posted with my progress which is VERY slow at the moment. x

  5. fab idea and great list, hope you dont mind,i've done a list on my blog, love it. xx

  6. Sorry I only just found your comment Knittynutter, of course I don't mind x

  7. So interesting !
    Love many of items you have listed even the ones I don't know.
    Is this another blog challenge, 60 by 60 ?
    I am well over 60 but I shall make a list just for fun.

    cheers, parsnip

  8. Chickpea , you must go and see Men-an-tol soon. I think it is at it's very best when all the spring wild flowers are blooming ! There is a little carpark there and it is a nice easy level walk . On the way you can go and see the Lanyon Quoit and also a Sacred Tree all bedecked with clouties/ribbons and things. Take a picnic :)


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