Friday, 4 September 2015

The Little Things

After months of working extra to cover colleagues sick leave I have had my first Friday off for months.  I was ridiculously excited by the thought of having the day off, I hadn't actually planned anything but that was the pleasure of it.  So what exciting things did I get up to?...........Well I cleaned the fridge and cooker, caught up with washing and general tidying up.....yes I know, but they really needed doing.

It has been a cold and miserable day so I didn't feel like going out anywhere instead I spent the afternoon knitting, drinking cups of tea and listening to the Archers.  It was bliss!

So in celebration of the return of Five on Friday, here are my five little things I did today.

1. I didn't get out of bed until 7.30

Isn't it lovely when you don't have to be anywhere at a certain time and you can just get up when you want and decide what to do depending how you feel on the day. Hair tied back in a scrunchy, no make-up and scruffy old clothes.  Bring on retirement, I'm sure I will be just as busy but at least I will be setting the agenda.

2. I had the time to try a new recipe 

I'm not sure what to call these but they were tasty.  After eating more convenience food due to being so busy and getting a little careless with checking labels lately I have been suffering badly from my gluten intolerance.  It was fun to have the time to make some gluten free food from scratch.  I'm not sure the label 'wraps' was a good description of these but by adding some cumin to a basic batter of   gram flour, water and salt, these were delicious served warm.  They would be nice to dip into a curry or with home-made hummus.

3. Working on my winter wooly

I don't know what's happened, but this cardi has turned out huge.  Usually my knitting comes up just the right size so I don't bother to make a sample anymore.  I came very close to ripping it all out and starting again but there was hours of work in it already, so I am turning it into a chunky oversized jacket instead.  I'm sure it will keep me toasty in the winter.

4.  Caught up with the Archers

Funny how you can miss this for months and then just fit back into it as if you have never been away. I thought it would help to catch up with what is happening among 'country folk' for when we become country folk ourselves.

Anyone else a fan?

5.  Collecting Bees

I am not a philatelist, but when I saw these advertised I couldn't resist, aren't they gorgeous.  They come in a lovely presentation pack.  I have enjoyed reading about the bees on the stamps today.

I hope you had a lovely Friday as well, it really is the little things that make life enjoyable.

Chickpea xx


  1. Great knitting! The stamp set is lovely I don't blame you for getting them, very tempting.Your recipie looks tasty. Leah xx

  2. Your chunky jacket is lovely an I am sure it will help keep you warm, its lovely to have an unplanned day and you certainly made the most of yours, I catch the Archers occasionally if I am down in the cabin at that time I have radio 4 on :-)

  3. Your recipe sounds very nice, I may have to try that myself. It's fun to have a day with no plans every now and then, isn't it.

  4. like the sound of your recipe very much x

  5. Thank you for joining Five On Friday! I just sent a letter today with one of those bee stamps, they are beautiful aren't they, I can see why you liked them so much! So glad you had a Friday off! I totally get what you mean about doing those cleaning jobs even on your day off, sometimes I prefer to do those things because then I can relax and know they are done and move on to other things! I hope that your cardi/jacket turns out well, even if it is bigger than you planned, it will be great for snuggling!!! Hope that you enjoyed your free Friday and that you have a great weekend! xx

  6. Loved the cardi/jacket, sometimes oversized is wonderful for snuggling up in particularly with the colder months coming far quicker than anticipated.

  7. I can't believe there has not been any other Archers fans replying today! I absolutely love it, on my own in the kitchen, listening to the podcast! Such a productive way to spend a Friday! Have a lovely weekend xx

  8. Lovely Five on Friday! I am glad you enjoyed your day off. Hope the weekend will be good x

  9. Oh ! I love those stamps! Such beautiful images. Will you keep them or use them? Have a great weekend!

  10. What a wonderful post!
    Proves that "little things" can be magnificent and full of pleasure.
    Yay. You had a big day.
    (Great pics, too.)

  11. What a lovely Friday. I wouldn't call myself a fan but I do listen to the Archers now and then... And like you I find it easy to pick up from where I left off.

  12. Those bee stamps are beautiful, particularly the 'waggle dance' stamp!
    Glad you had such a lovely relaxing Friday!
    Abel x

  13. The stamps look beautiful, I must look out for them. My Dad used to keep bees. I also like to catch up with the Archers, I was always a regular listener when Nelson Gabriel was around, dropped off for a while but am back in Ambridge again. I even catch up reading the synopsis if I miss it! x

    1. It looks like you had a good day. I enjoy my Fridays off, it is a good feeling to be able to please yourself. My circumstances have also meant that I have had to be somewhere every Friday for the last two months so I am looking forward to having them free again. x

  14. It looks like you had a great day and those pancakes look yummy. Sometimes it is nice to have a relaxing day. Joan at

  15. I have a much needed week off coming up soon so completely understand your excitement of a day off. Your wraps sound yummy I shall certainly give them a go as it takes me yonks to use up a bag of gram flour xx

  16. sounds like the perfect day off to me -- and i totally get it about the cleaning up thing - it feels good to get those things done when they've been looming for a while.

    the bee stamps are gorgeous!! i would absolutely have to have a packet of those as well - but just for best, not for actually posting anything. ;)

    now i have to go and look up what the Archers is/are......xo

  17. You're going to be a bee expert in no time, CC.

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