Saturday, 8 November 2014

Going Grey Gracefully?

I remember having a conversation with my mum many years ago about wether she should keep dying her hair or go grey gracefully.  It came to mind yesterday as I sat in the hairdressers chair having my roots done.  I have been dying my hair since I was a teenager.  It has been all different colours including green streaks at one stage (a happy accident).  The last few years I have been pretending I'm a blonde so the grey doesn't show up so much.  It's not that I don't like grey hair, I have a hankering after a long grey pigtail, it will suit my mad cat lady ambitions,  but I don't think I'm ready for that step yet, after all 50 is the new 30 isn't it?  Are you ready for the grey yet or have you already taken the plunge, and how do you go about it anyway?  It is all very well being grey but it is the growing out stage that I don't think I could cope with!

Talking of hair, I haven't seen any mo's about for Movember this year yet, I hope it is still popular it is a brilliant way of raising awareness and money for mens health.  Do you know someone who is taking part?

I had some cooking apples left over from the chutney making the other day so I thought I would make some seasonal tasting baked apples.  Remove the cores and stuff the holes with mincemeat, cut a line around the middle of the apple so it can expand as it cooks and put in the oven until they are soft.  Very easy and delicious.

I had a celeriac in my veg box this week, I have put it in soups and mashed it with potatoes before, has anyone got any more exciting ideas of what to do with it?

Chickpea xx


  1. I am growing my blonde out, so loads of grey, but I hope to have highlights instead, saves having to do roots so often

  2. 59 and still pretending to be blonde! I keep saying I will stop the colouring and go grey gracefully, but as yet I cant do it, just dont feel old enough lol

    Delicious looking baked apples. X

  3. I started going grey in my early
    twenties (it's a genetic thing)
    and at 55 I'm completely grey
    heading to white in places. It's
    never bothered me and I've never
    dyed it (I had it permed every
    3 months for many years so I
    think my poor hair has copped
    enough abuse). Nobody has ever
    told me I look old and decrepit!

  4. I have strange grey hair. Very white around my face but all my blond had has turned a dull dull dull grey in back. I have always been a natural blond with some highlights here and there. But with all the drugs I take my hair has really changed.
    If my hair was more mixed gray I would love it !
    Plus it it getting thinner too.
    Ack !
    Leave it gray just add some highlight sound perfect.

    cheers, parsnip

  5. I am constantly at war with my grey roots and too vain to give in. It's expensive and all those chemicals can't be good but like you I am just not ready for the full grey.

  6. I am 46 and have found a few lurking, but my hair is light brown, I have had blonde highlights in the past. When it does go grey, I will have to do something about it, it will make me feel old else.

  7. I've definitely got a few more grey hairs after the last weeks dramas, but so far I've resisted dyeing them. my husband loves his grey hairs, he's very bald and so is proud of the ones that bothered to go grey, instead of falling out!

  8. My friends are all starting to grow grey but I am not :o) Funnily enough, M and I were having exactly this conversation this morning. I can't decide whether I want white grey or grey grey, either way turning grey doesn't worry me. If I don't like it I'll get some highlights, kick up my heels and get on with life as per :o)

  9. I have some grey, I just try and ignore it! I suspect that I will just go grey naturally as it happens as I am not a great one for going and getting my hair coloured and so on. Try the celeriac sliced thinly and used with potatoes as part of a gratin type dish - good recipes on river cottage! xx

  10. I think the go grey option works depending on your skin colour. Some women like Judi Dench look great and very healthy but for others it can be draining. I'm still a blonde and i think a lighter colour hair always looks more youthful for some reason. Maybe because hair died in darker shades if just one colour can look quite hard.


  11. I took the plunge and stopped dyeing my hair about five years ago and haven't looked back. It felt so liberating... Not to mention the saving in time and money spent at the hairdressers. Mine is short though so didn't take long to grow. I make a potato and celeriac dauphinois from Hugh F-W's veg book. Excellent!

  12. I love my grey hair, and dont miss the dye bottle at all. Ive had a grey streak since my 20's!

  13. Thank you for all your comments everyone, I love hearing your views on things. We seem to be a mixture of fighting the grey for as long as we can to let the grey shine through.

    I think you are right Jean, I am very pale and I think I would look washed out with grey hair.

    My hair is naturally very dark so the grey hairs don't blend in at all, in fact they stand up and wave around!

    Your hair is a beautiful colour as I think I commented on before knittynutter. If mine was like that I would be happy.

    Thank you for the ideas for the celeriac, I used to make a root vegetable gratin/dauphinois type thing so I think I will make it with celeriac.

  14. I developed a grey streak in my 20's which I hid by changing the direction of my fringe from left to right. By 40 I was pretty grey on one side but not the other! so I coloured it for years. When I reached 60 I couldn't get a colour I liked and thought b*gger it I'll stop colouring it and see what happens. It's now quite a nice shade of grey although I would love white grey like my nan had. The problem is it's thinning quite badly now grrr We are never satisfied :)

  15. Forgot to say...I haven't seen any Mo's this year either...

  16. I'm only 31 but I have few grey hairs now, just a few, but it was a shock to find them - I feel too young! I would hate to end up in the having to grow it out situation, so I'm not worrying about my grey hairs, though even if I wanted to dye them I couldn't as my hair doesn't take dye!

  17. I have always coloured my grey hair. I sort of feel that I might go grey at the age at which nature intended it which in my head is in your sixties. I hate that they grey hair develops a sort of coarse texture!

  18. Hi, the celeriac will make great chips, just boil then oven bake with oil. Also mash with carrot, add butter and pepper to make a good substitute for mash on shepherd's pie. Grate it into stews and casseroles, or slice finely, add oil, salt and pepper (or spices) and oven bake for alternative crisps. My husband follows a low carb diet so I have plenty of fun trying alternatives to potatoes

  19. I haven't ever coloured my hair, so I don't have any tips to give about growing it out. What I can say is it is very freeing to not worry about the grey. I figure I earned every strand of it after parenting five children. Ha!

  20. Thank you Paula for the celeriac ideas, I will give them a go :)


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