Friday, 28 November 2014

My Anti- Black Friday Day

Pixies Band T. Shirt

Today is apparently Black Friday, sorry but I won't be partaking, to me it feels like another ploy to get your money off you.  I would prefer to celebrate 'Wear your old band t.shirt to work' day which 6 Music fans are taking part in,  so even though I am not at work today I will be putting on my Pixies band t.shirt while I do the housework, I know, not very rock and roll :)  Technically it should be an OLD band t.shirt but mine seem to have shrunk in the wardrobe.

There are already reports on the news of fights breaking out at the shops, yes, fights!  Seriously people saving a few pounds is not worth fighting about, I would rather do without.

My family will be receiving slouchy chunky home made socks for Xmas, made with love and no fighting involved.  These are mine, well I had to test them out, made with James C Brett Marble Chunky £4.90 for 200g, I should be able  to make 2 pairs out of this so thats £2.45 a pair.  I found the pattern for them on

As you know I play in a Samba band which is huge fun but in the winter can be flipping freezing standing on the streets.  Tonight we are playing at a Turning on the Xmas Lights event in a local town. I will be putting as many thermal vests under my band hoodie as possible and looking like the Michelin man no doubt.   I came up with the idea of making myself a cowl in band colours to wear for the winter gigs, though the speed I knit it may be for next winter.  Our band colours are VERY bright and cheerful, the assistant in the wool shop looked at the colours and said mmmm they are 'interesting' colours.  She must have wondered what on earth I was making with florescent orange!

I want it to knit up quickly and be nice and chunky so I'm knitting with 4 threads in both colours.  I don't think it's quite so 'in your face' with both colours mixed in.

I hope you all have a great weekend.

Chickpea xx

Welcome to Julie, Rambler and Rebecca :)


  1. I think the whole black friday thing is just mental, there are good deals all the time if you look around.

  2. Black Friday goes past me.... I just shop when I need to. I have been making socks for presents, too. It is such a nice gift I think. Have a lovely weekend. Cx

  3. Christina, you socks are lovely, I'm not up to your standards yet, I'm still knitting plain socks x

  4. Love your socks! Agree about Black Friday :o)

  5. What a wonderful gift idea socks are. You are certainly a family member / friend in need, indeed :)

    So ludicrous - fighting to save a penny / buck / rand. I'm all for getting a bargain, but I won't demean myself to do so. There are more important things on this planet to give my energies to... (no more nuclear power stations / promote the use of solar power / stop the spread of aids & ebola / provide education for the poor / no gmo crops / etc...)

  6. I can't be doing with Black Friday either. Our nearest out of town shopping centre looks rammed to the gills if the car parks are anything to go by. And, yes, we drove past it. We had no intention of shopping today anyway :)

  7. Except for a few handmade gifts and potted plants my shopping is done, what I do of it.
    No shopping on Black Friday ever. I may go to my favorite Nursery and buy some plants for "Small Business Saturday" but no long lines with crazy people buying cheap TV's.
    Love the chunky socks. I have always wanted to take a knitting class for Kids were they teach them how to make crazy socks !

    cheers, parsnip

  8. Great cosy chunky fireside socks. They look wonderfully toastie, and will make great Christmas pressies.


  9. It's my worse nightmare the thought of struggling with hundreds of others in the shops just for a so called bargain. I hate shopping at the best of times so I can think of nothing worse. Love your cosy socks.

  10. I think that your alternative black Friday was far more interesting than going shopping for things you didn't want or need!! I buy random balls of yarn sometimes too, well, I should say, seemingly random, generally because I need just a bit more for this and a bit more of something else for another thing, so all together they don't go and look very odd. I have had some comments when buying them too, but only nice things! xx

  11. I think the shops are partly to blame. Enticing people by advertising huge bargains when in reality there were very few deals to be had. No excuse however for some of the awful scenes on the tv. Hopefully next year the shops will decide not to bother.

  12. I'm a huge Pixies fan. Good on you for opting out of the mass-consumption scrum and not contributing to the suffering of the shop assistants. Hey, I'm a huge Shop Assistants fan too.

    What instrument do you play in a Samba band?

  13. great socks, may have to add them to my list!personally I love the cowl colours!

  14. Thanks CT x

    Couldn't agree more Dani :)

    Very wise to drive past Pensive Pensioner :)

    Small Business Saturday sounds good Angry Parsnip, tell me more!

    Thanks Jean, they are very warm!

    Thanks Gina, not bad for the slowest knitter in the world lol

    I like random balls of yarn Amy :)

    I felt sorry for the poor shop staff Saver of Suburbia, I bet they weren't paid danger money!

    I am one of the Tamborim players, they are small but very loud, a bit like me really :)

    Thank you Knittynutter, you will have to join our band when you more down, we have the best colours :)

  15. Yay for the Pixies t shirt (Doolittle is one of my favourite albums ever). What is it with all this Black Friday nonsense? I'd never noticed it much before this year (I'm clearly a saddo). I'm glad you didn't decide to join the queues and the fighting, and knit rather gorgeous looking socks instead! xx

  16. I just don't get how we can have Black Friday in a country that doesn't have Thanksgiving, it makes sense in the context of the long weekend in the USA but not here.

    And yes, those are 'interesting' colours ;)


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