Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Mad March and Spiralised Meals.

I can't believe we are into March already, the year seems to be whirling past in a mad rush.  At the moment life seems to be busy busy busy!  Everyday has something marked onto the calendar, lots of fun things, a friends birthday party, another trip to Eden, basketmaking workshops.  Work to be done on the house after at last finding a reliable handyman, and the ongoing decluttering.  Hopefully a trip to London, all fitting in around my job.  I'm not complaining, it is nice to feel fit and healthy enough to do everything.  I have had the all clear from the surgeon, though no gym allowed, and my shoulder is improving thanks to the clacky man, (or should that be cracky man as it felt like he was going to crack some bones at times) though no long drumming sessions allowed just yet.  Crikey, I took my body for granted when I was younger, when it starts playing up you realise how much you rely on everything working in good order.

We are having our creaky stairs sorted next week, but it means we will not be able to use them for 24 hours.  I'm not sure how we are going to manage that one, we don't really want to stay somewhere else, we can sleep on the sofas but showering in the morning will be out if we can't get upstairs.  I spend half the night on the sofa anyway because of the damn insomnia.  I was typing this at 2 a.m. this morning as I got fed up of trying to sleep so came downstairs.

The tomato seeds have been planted, fingers crossed I will get some plants, and I'm hoping to get some more seeds in this week.  This gardening lark is pretty time consuming!  We have had several hail storms so I'm afraid I've not done much outside fair weather gardener that I am.  It has been really interesting reading peoples blogs about their growing plans and picking up tips.  Blog world is just so full of information.

As promised I will show you some of the things I have been making with my spriralizer.  I have been using it often and it is quick to use and easy to clean.

So far I have made:

Several quick raw carrot and courgette salads.

Raw beetroot and carrot salad

and my favourite, spirallised butternut squash gently sauted, I then added grilled mushrooms, tomatoes and pesto, a really quick tasty meal.

I also made some sweet potatoes curly fries, scoffed before photographed.

I'm sure there are lots more you can do with it, I look forward to experimenting.

Chickpea xx


  1. the carrot and beetroot look yummy, well they all do I may have to look at one of those :-)

  2. All your meals always look very good.

  3. Perhaps I should move in with you instead! They all look great :)

  4. I really like the idea of the butternut squash!! xx

  5. Beautiful photos of some wonderful meals.

    cheers, parsnip

  6. These all look so delicious. The beets look especially beautiful, like red streamers.

  7. Looks delicious! I want one of those spiralizers now. x

  8. That beetroot looks so beautiful. I'm mad for Middle Eastern pickled turnips colored with beetroot, the pickles take on a lovely rose color.

  9. Wow your meals look perfect, and sound tasty, wonderful tool you have. Glad to hear you have the all clear and I hope you keep improving. As for sleeping, I'm in the same room as you, so annoying to be tired and can't sleep.

  10. Ok, I'm convinced! I don't usually go for gadgets but we do eat a lot of raw food, so................

  11. Hi,So glad you have had the all clear,do hope the shoulder recovers fully soon.Yep we have had lots of hailstones haven't we lol.Love the lighter evenings so we can potter if I have any energy left lol.I'm sure you will do well with the veg once you get going.

    I used to suffer very badly from insomnia but not anymore I'm glad to say.LOVE your yummy meals keep em coming.Take care,nearly the end of the week.xx

  12. I really do need to get me one of those!

  13. those meals look lovely and they must be really healthy with all those colours

  14. Hey Chickpea,
    I have started sowing seeds in the greenhouse. I love it, and end up having to give loads away. I'm definitley getting a spirilizer.
    Leanne xx


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