Friday, 20 March 2015

Solar Eclipse and Getting Frazzled

I remember the build up to the eclipse in 1999, for months ahead the local news was full of it.  This time it crept up on me without me realising it was happening until a few days ago.  Anyway not one to miss out on such events I climbed up into my attic and found the solar glasses from the last eclipse, yes I am a hoarder but it does come in useful sometimes.  I decided to view from a local high point so trudged up to the top of St Agnes Beacon with my flask of tea and blanket to sit on.  As it turned out I was the only one with the proper glasses, there was an assortment of bowls of water, colanders, c.d.'s, and many other weird and wonderful attempts at viewing the eclipse.  Luckily I had taken a couple of extra pairs so the crowd passed these around.  If I had known there was difficulty getting hold of them I would have taken the 'viewing boxes' I had as well.

 By putting the glasses over the lens of the camera I managed to get some shots without damaging my eyes.  It wasn't as dramatic as the full eclipse but worth the effort.  The photos look more like the moon taken through the glasses.

In the name of progress a lot of our training for work is done on line.  So after returning from watching the eclipse I spent all morning online reading the training programme, making notes and watching the videos.  Then I clicked proceed to assessment, only for it to immediately tell me I had failed with 0% as I had taken to long to do the test.  WHAT??!!! You can try again in 3 days it told me, but I will have forgotten it all by then!  Damn technology.  I rang them and explained what happened and hopefully they will be able to reset it.  I've lost interest now!

I have some more photos from Eden and I will be cooking from a new recipe book this evening so if it turns out well I will share it soon hopefully.  Working, lots of online training, decluttering, veg growing, decluttering, decorating, decluttering and general housework has me all very frazzled at the moment.  It seems I'm not wonder woman after all.

Off to see if I can do this damn assessment (just how many years until retirement is it?!)

Chickpea xx


  1. I was out there, with my glasses from last time, I am amazed that not only did I keep them but new exactly where they were. It was very clear from my garden but we did not get the "diamond ring" effect, too far south I suppose.. I have been gardening, window cleaning, gardening, sewing and so on, and managed some siting in the garden soaking up some real heat. Just the ticket after a long wet winter.

    1. You need a total eclipse for the diamond ring effect, and for only one of 'Baily's Beads' to be shining.

  2. You are so lucky we had cloud and could not see a thing. I remember the last eclipse in 1999
    and it was brilliant and so clear (not that I looked).
    Thank you for sharing you photos with us.


  3. lovely photos, hope you unfrazzle soon xxx

  4. Wishing you a relaxing weekend. x

  5. Had a great view of the eclipse here to, it got really cold as well, you have some great photos there :-)

  6. I have eclipse glasses too but wasn't allowed to use them or view the eclipse :( my school is OTT on health and safety. I'm not allowed a camera or phone in school either, so I managed to see / snap first contact before heading into the classroom but no more :(
    We took the children outside to 'experience' the event but they were lined up with their backs to the sun and not allowed to turn around in case one of them was instantly blinded or something (as I said, OTT!). I was desperate to look! Luckily, Dave was off work so I left him with the cameras and instructions to take loads of photos for me!

    My dad's an astronomer so I was raised with a love of all things astro! We went south for the 1999 eclipse and were one of the lucky people for whom the clouds parted enough at the right time. It was brill!

  7. Lovely photos, I forgot it was today so missed it, I did see the one in 1999 however

  8. We were on top of a cold a Welsh mountain, not such a good eclipse for us, lovely photos.

  9. My camera never takes such wonderful photos.
    Remember the computer was designed to make our life better and easier.

    cheers, parsnip

  10. Nice photos! Your foresight in saving those glasses was a stroke of genius!

  11. Eclipse? What eclipse? It just got dingier here! My frazzled state has resulted in me achieving 0% across the board at the moment! I need a reset button :)

  12. As there was hazy cloud here in Derbyshire we were able to look at it directly and saw it quite clearly. In 1999 we sat on Plymouth Hoe with a glass of champers. It was Spectacular!! (the eclipse not the champers)
    Hope your'e saving some good weather for us down in Cornwall as we are down for our first sea fishing trip of the year in a couple of weeks time.

  13. It must have been a great experience getting to see the eclipse! That is unbelievable about failing to online test because you took too much time. I hope you are able to get it sorted out.

  14. Love the picture you've painted of you sitting at the top of Agnes Beacon with your blanket, flask of tea and special glasses and glad you managed to capture some decent photos :)

  15. We did the same with the sunglasses going over the lens and it worked fine. I can remember it 16 years ago and the way the birds started to roost, it happened again this time but round 2 was not with a little toddler, it was with Mr Teen towering over me and waiting for a driving lesson! :-) I hope you get that on line training sorted out. It used to drive me mad too! Take care xx

  16. wow great views of the eclipse, we had total cloud cover, couldn't see a thing. Good luck with the on-line training.


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