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Five on Friday - Five Dreams





old crafts


making gifts

self sufficiency

Boris, one of my sons dogs


time with family

baking bread


Sorry I have been so absent but as you will see I have a lot going on at the moment.  This is a very brief summary of all the things that are whizzing around my head. They are all dependent on each other, they have to all fall into place for it to work.  It is a work in progress that will take years to achieve, I hope you will be there with me on my journey, offer advice and tell me when I'm being totally unrealistic

1.  Move back to the countryside

I love this house, it upsets me to think of leaving it but I dream of moving out of the city.  I have a vision of waking in the morning, throwing on some old clothes and taking my future dog for a walk around our fields.  There will be no car horns, no squeal of breaks, no helicopters heading to the hospital, no ambulance sirens.  I will not have to queue to get out of the city and back after work. My health will improve by taking lovely walks in the country, not breathing in car fumes, or dodging traffic using our local lanes as rat runs into the city.

To make this happen I have to maximise the money we will get from the sale of this house, so lots of decluttering, cleaning, painting and gardening.  It will be very difficult for me to change my ways and keep the house tidy.  There are always projects I am working on, books I am reading and more interesting things to do than tidy.  My days are spent scouring the internet for properties, keeping an eye on the market and looking for alternative ways to sell our house when the time comes.

2. Retire at 60

I will not get my government pension until I am 67.  I would rather live on bread and water than work until then.  Don't get me wrong, I like my job but I will not be shackled to work until I'm 67.  I want to live my life now.  My parents had all sorts of plans for when they retired, my mum sadly didn't make it to retirement.  After my health scare I am even more determined to 'seize the day'.  I will get a small NHS pension at 60 (5 years time) and have plans to supplement this income.  This is dependent on Dream 1, moving out into the countryside.  I hope to set up a holiday business (well it is Cornwall) using the land for either a camp site, barn conversion to rent out or shepherds huts.  I will have the time to run it and be able to spend more time at home.

3.  Have more time 

Dependant on the above two dreams.  I would like to have more time to improve my health, walk more, eat more healthy home grown, foraged,  home cooked food, lead a less rushed life.  Have more time to spend with the family, especially as the grandchildren get older.  Enjoy my craftwork and learn new things, read more and just enjoy life as much as possible.  Also work on my 60 by 60 list, I may have to change it to 65 by 65 though! 

 I am changing my much loved mini for something that will fit 3 grandchildren, future dog and cope with country lanes.  Less city car, more truck! I will be able to take the grandchildren out and about when they come to stay with us.  At the moment I am scouring the internet and garages for something that will tick the boxes.  Negotiating with some very pushy and patronising car salesmen and trying not to be too rude to them when they annoy me too much. 

4.  Get a dog

Moving out into the country, having more time when I retire and spending more time at home will mean I will be able to have a dog again.  I miss having a dog, they are always so happy to see you and such wonderful company.  It will help with my goal of getting healthier as I will have to take walks everyday. 

 So lots of research to find the right dog for our family.  I would like to re-home a dog but with three grandchildren 4 years and younger I have to be 100% happy with it's temperament.  It will have enough energy to keep up with them as they get older and be well trained.  Our last dog had a wonderful temperament but was not very bright when it came to training.

5. Be more self sufficient.

By being more self sufficient, growing more of our food, having more time to cook from scratch, not needing good clothes for work, have time to make more Xmas/ birthdays presents, I will not have to rely on going out to work.  I will be turning into Barbara from The Good Life, knitting a suit for the bearded one :)  

Moving out into the countryside, retiring, having more time at home will help with this dream.  In the mean time I'm learning as much as I can about growing veg, preserving food, foraging, repairing and recycling.

I know many of you have similar dreams, or have achieved your dreams.  I would love to hear about them and any words of wisdom you have.  Perhaps your dreams are to move into a town/city, downsize and take it easier?  Tell me your dreams.

Chickpea xx

Joining in with Amy at Love made my home


  1. What a wonderful dream, Chickpea! The thing about your dream is it is actually very realistic and doable. I hope it all comes together for you in the very near future. I look forward to the updates as you move forward!

  2. All sounds good and achievable. We are lucky enough to be living our dream. We were fortunate in not having to sell or buy a house as we are privately renting......the opportunity to rent this lovely house in a gorgeous very rural hamlet just fell into our laps when we weren't expecting it. Sometimes opportunities do arise out of the blue, and you have to grab them with both hands. The one thing I would say is that moving from a large town to a very rural area (as we have) presents a VERY steep learning curve....the usual shops, banks, doctors, facilities etc. are probably not going to be on the doorstep! But you do get used to doing things in a different way.....planning several errands to run on one car journey, e.g. Good luck!

  3. I'm with you on the government pension age, after doing every thing we were asked to, pay tax, buy our house, save for old age, each government has over spent, and guess what now we have to pay for it. I should retire at 66 but with my health I don't think I can work for that long. Go for your dream, we found our dream house, not in the wilds but a small community in between two cities.

  4. It all sounds idyllic and the great thing is you are taking positive steps to make it all achievable. X

  5. Sounds wonderful and certainly achievable. We are almost there with our dreams, we both took early retirement and live life as we want to.

  6. Hope all your dreams come true. Only advice I can offer is that you take one day at a time -and enjoy the journey... :)

  7. They are wonderful and very realistic aspirations and dreams to have! I hope they all come true for you, and many more good things besides! If you do turn into Barbara, don't knit any of those giant green jumpers that she made for Margot and Jerry one Christmas! Thank you so much for joining in. I hope that you have a great weekend! xx

  8. I wish you all the very best with all of those dreams. They certainly seem achievable. My dream is to quit my job and guess what, I did. Ha! Just one more week and I'm out of there. I will have my precious time back and I will be able to organize, craft, and volunteer. That's my dream at this moment. One step at a time until you get there. Best wishes, Tammy

  9. I wish you the very best of luck with your dreams. I loved your pictures and gasped when I saw Boris, what a gorgeous boy he is! A dog will certainly help your health when you move because as you know, they have to be walked even when you don't feel like it at all. Have a lovely weekend and keep imagining yourself there, I am sure it will happen xx

  10. Such a wonderful post and I wish you all the luck in following your dreams. I dream of getting another dog one day... Hopefully. Before my retirement at 67 too!

  11. Working that long for a pension is a disgrace when across the Channel the French, men and women, can retire at 60 years old. I think I am right on that, but felt very guilty that I got my pension at 60 while a friend now has to wait much longer because she was born after the cutoff date. Feel free to correct me as I am a bit hazy about British and European rules now. Living here in America, everyone has to wait until 65 years, and with the poor amount of vacation time given, it seems that they are work-driven. I opted out early from that. So many people seem to have health issues once they are in their sixties, that it seems most unfair to have people working through most of that decade of their lives.

  12. First of all beautiful photos.
    It is a great dream and I see nothing wrong with what you have planned.
    Just keep focus.
    I wanted to do much more with my retirement but life got in the way. Got very ill.
    But I haven't lost the dream and working towards it.
    Don't wait for 67 I started collecting SS at 62 and it pays for my medi care options.

    cheers, parsnip

  13. I so admire you for your dreams and determination. Life without hope or not thinking of the future would be so boring. I'm 61 years old and I never know what tomorrow will hold. So, try and live each day to the fullest. Luckily my husband and I are enjoying our retirement years. But so many people work until their mid 60's, retire and then become ill. So so sad. I know you will find your dream home and your dear little dog to take on long walks through the countryside. And, come home and eat the wonderful food you grew in your garden! My best to you.

  14. Hey Chickpea,
    These are all dreams that I aspire to. Marc and I would love to be more rural and supplement that through the holiday trade here in Cornwall. For now we are content to truck on as we are. We have sacrificed a lot to be able to live in St Ives and raise our boys in such a beautiful part of the country. I have to say though, that I already feel as if I'm living the dream. I pinch myself every day that I live here at all!! You sound like a very determined woman, Chickpea. If anyone can achieve their dreams, !'m sure that you are the one to do it!
    Leanne xxx

  15. Good luck in achieving your dream - it sounds a wonderful plan. One step at a time as they say, and I am sure you will get there.Enjoy the journey though! :) x

  16. what gorgeous photos!!! and yes, Boris is Moste Handsome indeed!

    oh, Chickpea -- i love your dreams...because they're dreams of mine as well...and my best advice to you is don't wait a single moment longer than is absolutely necessary. and always question what is Necessary -- question who tells you it's necessary, question what alternatives there other words, redefine Necessary. there'll always be people who'll tell you your mad or that your dreams are unrealistic or impossible...but that's their sad problem, not yours. :)

    the System wants us to live a certain way ie. work 'til you retire at 67 (?!?!?), but that's an old and outdated system that hasn't evolved with the changing world and changing views. i feel very strongly that the emergence of thought-shifts toward self-sufficiency and simple living is a reaction to a way of life that is reaching critical mass. The earth simply can't support the acquisitive, materialistic, Busy World....

    anyway -- i could rant for ages on the subject. ;)

    i wish you all the magic in the universe....such beautiful dreams ought to come true.


  17. I love your dreams they could be mine. x good luck with them I am sure youll achieve them. x

  18. Posting this is powerful.You'll achieve this I'm sure just take baby steps every day and keep reminding yourself of your dream. It sounds like a wonderful life in a wonderful part of the UK. Sending you love and support xo

  19. As you may know I am living that dream. Mind you "having more time" is still something I aspire to as the life is BUSY and relentless. .. in a good way! I guarantee that the word "bored" is never used in this house and that I feel that my life has worth everyday.
    I suspect that houses in Cornwall are quite expensive and if you can bear it another part of the country might be cheaper and therefore more achievable ( just a thought - I know how lovely Cornwall is)
    Good Luck with your dream - never give up

  20. Five wonderful things to aim for and all achievable too. It will take time but you will get there - we retired early and struggled a while until pensions kicked in but to have that time to do what you want and achieve your dreams is priceless and so worth making that extra effort for:)

  21. You're already half way there by living in Cornwall. After several years of camping in Cornwall and hating the end of each holiday when faced with leaving (there were tears and depressions!) I moved from my birthplace in Leicestershire to Cornwall in 1986 - and never once regretted it. It's such a magical, beautiful place and I will never leave. Since moving here, I have moved around - coastal homes, secluded village homes and finally to my present home on the outskirts of a large village that has everything I should need when I can no longer drive - buses, shop, surgery, access to the Moor for me and my dog and importantly - friends. All these things need to be considered and it has meant a few concessions on the original plan, but nothing that isn't acceptable.
    I wish you well on achieving your dreams - you can definitely do it. Go girl!

  22. I share so many of these dreams and you describe them so evocatively. Think of them as plans and take one step at a time and enjoy the journey as they evolve. Oh, and having just sold a house last year, decluttering and a lick of paint everywhere really does work. So you're already on the right track .... onwards and upwards! xCathy

  23. great dreams x I hope some come true x

  24. Thank you for all your comments everyone, sorry I haven't replied individually but I have been busy painting, literally crawling around the floor painting skirting boards as well as doors. Such lovely words of support, thanks you all xx

  25. What lovely plans you have for the future. May all your dreams come true. Sympathising with you over the decluttering and painting! Judy.


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