Friday, 1 May 2015

Five on Friday - Colour


I love eating seasonally, the anticipation while you wait for the food to come into season makes it taste even better than you imagined.  The Cornish asparagus are now available and taste delicious, I look forward to them every year along with the new potatoes which hopefully are growing away in the bags.  What are your favourite seasonal treat?


 Xmas decorations have become a permanent feature in the garden, they hang like shiny apples from the branches. I'm not sure what the neighbours think of my unusual ornaments, but my garden will never be the manicured soul less suburban plot that many aspire to.



The vibrant yellow of the dandelions give way to the beautiful white clocks waiting to be blown away and wishes made.  They cover my garden like little ghost flowers.


Tiny little flowers of blue hide in our overgrown, weed rich lawn.  We will have to cut it soon before we lose our cat in the long grass, but for now I love to see the wild flowers that have found their own way here and are allowed to stay.


The delicate pink flowers provide a feast for the wildlife. Busy little creatures making the most of every minute to feed, as they almost disappear inside each flower.  They need us to provide bee friendly plants to survive.  If you only have room for one plant in your garden, make it one that the bees can benefit from.

The hedges along the roads are littered with blue, red and yellow signs urging us to vote for political parties.  Do they think we don't realise there is an election going on and need this visual onslaught to remind us? Do they think we will vote for their party because they have littered the beautiful countryside?  The sticker on my door saying 'No Junk Mail' is ignored as day after day more political leaflets are pushed through my letterbox.   How many trees has it taken for them to print their propaganda which in many houses will be thrown straight into the bin?  The politicians bicker about who said what, while across the world peoples lives have been taken and destroyed by an earthquake. They are not winning my vote by their tactics, I can make my decision without the hype.  Why not take all the money they are spending on the election and send it to Nepal, now that might impress me enough to vote for them.

Life is exhausting and hectic at the moment, the insomnia has returned and I feel overwhelmed by my ever growing 'to do list'. Another week has flown by, another month gone, nearly a year since I started blogging,  I can't believe it is May already, where has the year gone?  This is not what I want for myself, this is not the simple life I dream of but I have to get through this to reach my goal. I want more time to create, to read, to listen, to walk, to cook and to grow.  I want life to slow down, to be able to enjoy every minute.  I feel like that busy little bee.   I haven't even had the time for writing blog posts and catching up with my blog friends.  Bare with me, I will try harder.  Have a good weekend everyone.

Giveaway - I have put the names in a bag for the pepper giveaway and drawn out Dawn from Doing it for Ourselves  Congratulations :)  If you go on to Danis' page (the link is in my last post) you can see what you have to do.  

Chickpea xx

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  1. Love this post, so simple yet stunning. Your photography is crystal clear and brings you closer to nature, love this post x

  2. Snap! My post today has colours in too - Great Minds Think Alike!
    It's a shame you are feeling so rushed, do you have a long weekend off to have a bit of a break? I hope things quieten down soon. I have a feeling that even after the election, when no one wins outright, we are going to have more talk for weeks and weeks - GROAN!

  3. love how you describe the dandelions as ghost flowers, I really don't care for them when they are bright yellow, but as soon as they go to seed I love them. we keep a patch of our lawn long for the wild flowers that grow there, the bees love, and the cats can have the rest of the lawn to sunbathe on. and yes, the waste of money being spent on election campaigning is driving me mad...

  4. Seeing as my asparagus has been a flop this year I shall be purchasing some from the local farm shop. Lovely photos, I hope life does slow a little for you this month x

  5. We love to eat seasonally too, the asparagus is gorgeous this year. I love those baubles, what a great use for them I wouldn't worry about what the neighbours think ha! The photos are beautiful. Have a great weekend xx

  6. Love all the colours- just what is needed in this grey weather time!

    Insomnia can be eased by taking magnesium before bed (best taken with calcium if you can). You can get pure magnesium sprays or else some epsom salts in the bath. Also, avoiding sugar for a few hours before bed and making sure your blood sugar levels are steady- wobbly blood sugar can wake you up at night. Worth a try.

    CT xx

  7. I love asparagus but it will be a couple of years before ours can be harvested, I will treat us to some though dont know if I can get locally grown but it will be British, I think your idea about them sending the election money to Nepal is brilliant one of the best election ideas so far, fancy standing as an MP, we are lucky up here we are not bogged down with the election stuff, no callers no leaflets and no signs on our local verges as soon as they come on TV or the radio I change channels or switch off, I will be voting I can do it without it being rammed down my throat :-)

  8. Yes the asparagus is here and I absolutely love dipping it in a nice runny egg! I love your five colours and how they reflect the new season and yes, I agree about the signs and those awful flyers! I was going to put a recycling bag next to my letter box but then I realised that some actually have my full name and address on them! What are they playing at with our details??! Don't get me started :-) Have a wonderful, hasslefree and hopefully sleep full weekend xx

  9. A lovely colourful post. xx

  10. We eat seasonal fruit and veg, I'm waiting for Strawberries and raspberries, both growing in our garden. So much paper is wasted, my job is to pay utility bills, and the amount of stuff which comes through with the bills, it all goes in the bin. As for voting, it's getting a bit dirty now, if they were on the playground we would slap their legs.

  11. The undone job list seems to be a theme! Perhaps I should come down and spend a week helping you do your jobs, then you could come up here and help me?!!! I know I'd get more done if it wasn't just me doing it all.
    Beautiful photos :) x

  12. Your photos are stunning. What a cute idea to place Christmas decorations in the garden. I do hope you have a relaxing, enjoyable weekend. My best to you :)

  13. What beautiful, beautiful colours. I love to see decorations outside. A house I pass every day has a treeful in the front garden. X

  14. Stunning photos and I love the Christmas bauble - being different is what makes life interesting, go for it!
    Caz xx

  15. A great idea to explore what is in your garden through the medium of colour! Your picture with the bee is stunning, that really is an amazing photo!!!! I hope that the things troubling you will pass soon - one will be out of the way next week at least!! - and that you will feel more relaxed again very soon. Take care of yourself. Thank you so much for joining in. I hope that you have a great weekend! xx

  16. Your words ring very true with me. Wishing you a happy weekend, with plenty of time to catch your breath. And maybe a bit of sunshine too. x

  17. Oh My Goodness.
    What beautiful photo. I like when you said overgrown weed rich lawn. Perfect.
    Most of my plants are for the wildlife in my yard/land.
    I am building special bee homes for the Arizona Bees.

    cheers, parsnip

  18. such beautiful photos!

    i hear you on the feeling of being perpetually rushed.....i've felt this way for the last few months and i don't like it at all. it's not what i want for my life, either. usually when i get this feeling it means a giant and impulsive change of direction is imminent!

    love the idea of your weed-rich lawn...we have the most beautiful wee flowers in the grass and i can't bear the thought of cutting them. of course, the lawn-mower is broken so maybe we won't have to! ;)


  19. Loving the colours, its so good to see everything coming to life outside. I know what you mean about time though, April went by so fast and I hardly did any blogging at all. I've just been catching up on reading everyone's posts, it's hard not to fill spare time when you are a busy person. I went to a church group in the week, invited by a friend, everyone was lovely but they said it was every Tuesday, there were things to plan, jobs to share out etc. I thought no breaks on, I have just created a little breathing space in my week and now I going to fill it with this so I politely declined going again. I hope you get some rest and relaxation this coming week. xx

  20. The photos are stunning, especially the one with the bee. We eat what we grow so it's very seasonal, we have had the first picking of asparagus, definitely my most favourite veg, and yesterday we had our first strawberries, there were only two of them but next week we should have plenty.

  21. Great five and Friday and I just loved your decorated garden. What fun!

  22. Your photos are absolutely stunning, especially the one with the bee.
    Can I please ask what camera you use.


  23. Judging by your photos your garden must be lovely and well done you for going for a garden with individuality!


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