Tuesday, 28 April 2015

It's a Giveaway Whoop Whoop!!

Well o.k. not exactly my giveaway but Dani from Eco Footprint South Africa  A while ago I was lucky enough to have my name drawn out of a hat for her giveaway of piquant peppers.  The idea is that I keep some and pass the rest along to whoever wins this giveaway, you then keep some and pass the rest on and so on.  If you go to the link for her blog above you will see the rules for the giveaway.  I will make the draw this Friday so you can receive the seeds and get them planted.  It is open to anyone where ever you live, but Dani asks that you link back to her blog.  So If you are interested leave a comment letting me know and I will include you in the draw.  I'm just hoping that as my history of growing things isn't great that I don't kill all mine!  At least the rest will have a chance.

I have had a really busy few days, the band had the first gig of the year on Saturday at a local food and music festival.  Then we went up to Somerset for our granddaughters birthday on Sunday.  She is now three and full of fun, she answered the door to us and asked sweetly if we had any presents, luckily we did, otherwise we may not have been allowed in!  I'm also trying to clear my kitchen, every cupboard is crammed full.  I don't mind but when we eventually put the house on the market I don't think people would like things falling on them if they are rude enough to look in my cupboards.......actually maybe I should leave them full, they wouldn't open any more :)  I am sooooooo fed up with decluttering, tidying, painting, I don't think i'll ever move house again!

I would like to welcome the lovely new readers of my blog, not sure who you are as blogger is playing up at the moment, the numbers increase on the stats but it doesn't show elsewhere.  But I can see Julie and Judith so welcome.

Anyway, as I am not personally giving anything away, and can't think of anything witty or interesting to write about as I am so tired I am practically on my knees, I will play you some music.  (I am not actually going to tell which one I am as I am far too shy)  you will just have to guess which one looks like a Cornish Chickpea.  I hope you enjoy it.

Chickpea xx


  1. Blue t-shirt 2nd row I reckon is you :-)

  2. I was going to say the same thing.
    Blue Tee second row. You said your shy and I thought you once said something about drums.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. I have no idea which one is you but I enjoyed the music. It got little L dancing! X

  4. Wow - what a great activity to take part in - it looks like such fun. Judy.

  5. You're the one with the hat! Nice performance... I'm glad I work with nobody but the cats most of the time... booty-shaking might be considered unprofessional in some quarters.

  6. Pleasepleaseplease, piquant pepper seeds! Can't get them in the U.S. (I've searched) and there's nothing better. PLEASE?!

    1. Sorry Joy, the draw has already been made, but you have more chances of winning them, Dawn over on Doing it for Ourselves will be offering some in a giveaway, and then next person will be doing the same.


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