Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Feeling like a Hypocrite.

I spent the day at the annual training up-date for work, we had an interesting speaker talking about the really appalling things that the tobacco industry gets up to, but I'll leave that for another day.  The other talks were about healthy eating and exercise, boy did it make me feel bad.  I have put on so much weight over the last couple of years after my health problems and feel like a hypocrite advising other people on their weight and exercise.  I really need to get my act together and practice what I preach.  I know the theory, I just can't get my head in the right space to do it.  It all comes down to what I am putting into my body versus what I am burning off and that balance is completely wrong at the moment.  I know I need to eat less and exercise more, but I come up with one hundred and one reasons why I'm not doing this.  I know I can't go back to the gym, after my operations that isn't an option, unless I want to end up in hospital again!  A bit of running again would be good for burning off calories but I am in the catch 22 situation that I need to lose weight to do this or I will be putting too much strain on my knees.  So the perfect exercise for me is walking, I just need to make time in my day to do it.  I eat lovely healthy food, but just too much of it for someone who is so sedentary.  Yes I know, First World problems, but one that seems to be becoming a huge problem, there is even talk of doctors refusing to treat people who are obese.

The so called diet industry are making a fortune out of it, fooling desperate people into parting with their money for decidedly dodgy diets.  At my age I have seen an awful lot of them come and go, the eat as much protein as you want diet, yes full english every morning is so good for you.   The only eat cabbage soup diet, probably contributed to the damage to the ozone layer :)  The starve yourself for two days diet, where I know people who put on weight, literally eating what they wanted on the other days.  Yes I'm sure you can lose weight on these things but they're not exactly healthy or something you can keep up.  I was listening to someone the other day raving on about the diet she is paying some 'so called' health expert a lot of money to advise her on.  Basically it is eat only veg that is grown above ground in the morning, and veg that is grown underground in the afternoon. Seriously?? I would like to hear the science behind that one.   In reality I need to eat less and move my arse more.  What are the weirdest diets you have heard of or tried?

Keeping an eye out for queue jumpers

While I'm on the subject of food, I couldn't resist taking a photo of this little guy (or girl) lining up patiently waiting for his turn at the bird feeder.  I love watching them lined up along the branches in their pecking order.  The ones trying to jump the line soon get short shrift, then you have the bossy little robins chasing the others off, and the woodpecker who I still haven't managed to get a photo of, everyone scatters when he comes along.  Who needs television when you have the daily soap opera of the birds.  They have a really hard time in this cold weather so if you can, put a bird feeder out, it will give you lots of entertainment.

I took the photo at the top when I got home yesterday, there is something magical about the moon during the day.  I also spotted some cherry blossom on my tree a few days ago, surely November is a bit early?

Chickpea xx

Yes I know my previous post had a chocolate cake recipe, but it was a healthy one :)


  1. I've never been on any kind of diet in my life. I am not the healthiest of eaters (never have been) but I've always been active and never put on wait... until a couple of years ago that is! Now I/m having to squeeze myself into my trousers after gaining a stone or so over the last three years - I just need to eat less and move more, we've got lazy lately!

    Gosh! Cherry blossom in November?! I have seen a few spring plant shoots though, nature has been fooled by the warm weather. Lovely photos in this post. We always feed the birdies here, I love them! I make my own fat cakes for them around this time of year too.

  2. You must be having such a warm fall to get cherry blossoms now! Wow. I am so tired of diets and everything else related to weight...the only thing that works for me is to take a walk as often as possible and to stay away from junk food. Both much easier said than done, but I do try...

  3. I tried several diets over the years, now I just eat smaller quantities and a few treats at the weekend, I have an underactive thyroid which played a part in weigt gain, but 2 years ago I went from size 16 to size 12 and I am still size 12.

    I feed the birds everyday, I would rather sit and watch them than tv any day.

  4. A common problem isn't it - I need to eat less and move more too. But it is tricky - especially following a foot operation. We do have a rowing machine, and I find that I can get in the habit of using it each morning for 10 minutes before breakfast. It suits us (or at least it did prior to the op!) I feel a New Years resolution coming on. Good luck x

  5. Gosh I am right with you.
    I had a horrific last year and put on a lot of weight.
    I am great in the summer as I walk in the pool but when I have to turn off the pool heater it gets harder.
    I have found that the eat less, fewer carbs (for me) and using the cycle exerciser and starting to walk with my son and dogs. Walker and all !
    Hopefully it will get easier.

    cheers, parsnip

  6. It's tough in our modern world to stay slim. So much lovely food about and less opportunity to be active.The way I manage it is to think more about health than diet so long as I am eating healthily I am pretty content. I do have to watch my portions though- I think that I am a six foot navvy when I dish up dinner!

  7. walking is a great form of exercise, and brisk walking can burn nearly as many calories as running without putting as much stress on your joints. I could tell it was cold last night, we had twice as many birds at the feeder for breakfast x

  8. I had flowers on my raspberries 2 weeks ago. weird..

    weirdest diet I have heard of a grapefruit diet

  9. Our garden pecking order is ruled by two big crows, who we call the Crow Twins, Ronnie and Reggie. Then we have Pigeon Patrol who form a line across the garden like police looking for evidence.Then the magpies and so on.I love them all, and don't really care who gets the food as long as most of them do.


  10. I am absolutely not one to speak on this subject, but I do know that beating yourself up about it won't help, so please don't do that to yourself. xx

  11. Male sparrow :o)

    I subscribe to the eat healthy and exercise way of life. Walking the woofs an hour a day is great and I try and run a couple of miles every other day although some weeks that doesn't happen. Stretching every day is good too. Cake puts weight on me so I tend not to eat it. I guess it's all about will power to start with then once you're in a way of doing things you don't think about it any more.

  12. Yes Louise I used to be able to eat anything and not put on any weight, then it all changed :(

    It is hard isn't it Jennifer

    My weight goes up and down like a yoyo Simple Living

    My operations have severely restricted what I can do as well making it really hard to lose weight Sara.

    Yes carbs are my downfall Parsnip, I crave them!

    Yes, Saver I think I need to get my smaller plate out again, it helped last time

    I do love walking, and a bit of running, it is just finding the time at the moment Driftwood.

    yuk, grapefruit!

    Love the names Jean :)

    Thanks Amy, I just know my health is better when not carrying extra weight.

    Absolutely CT, I tell my clients not to think of it as a diet, just healthy eating, and not as exercise but a nice walk.

    lol, I thought it was some sort of finch, I am rubbish at identifying birds!

  13. I highly recommend walking! Once you get into the habit it can actually be something you look forward to every day. Exercise won't really help you burn a lot of calories, but it does help your body stay in good condition, and it can also help with stress levels. I know when I am feeling completely stressed out, if I can just get myself out the door to walk I immediately start to unwind and feel better.

    Here's a link to a book written by a Canadian doctor. I find him well balanced. He is very much against all the crazy diet fads that are out there.


  14. I agree Kristie, I love walking, just got to make more time for it! Walking on the beach always makes me feel better :)

  15. Over the years I have tried all kinds of diets, but you are so right, eat less rubbish, eat more good stuff and move. Now to put it in to practice! X

  16. I have tried almost all the diets out there, but it comes down to being a couch potatoe and a lover of food and fine wine. lets hope 2015 brings some inspiration for us both. x


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