Friday, 5 December 2014

Pancake Rebellion, Quails Eggs and Xmas Card Ideas

I have been trying out some of the recipes from Hugh Fearnley Whittingstalls Light and Easy book and thought I would give the Buckwheat galettes (crepes) a go.  I have seen them being made alongside crepes  in the market but never tried them.  I made pancakes with buckwheat before but they were more like American pancakes and were too thick and stodgy using the buckwheat flour.  These are made like crepes, thin and a bit crispy around the edges.  Make them just like you would a pancake and use your favourite filling, savoury or sweet.  I filled mine with banana and honey......delish!!  I love pancakes but only think to make them on pancake day, go mad, free the pancake and make them all year!  Buckwheat galettes may not look quite like traditional pancakes but taste good and are a really healthy alternative.  For American readers, what we call pancakes in Britain are more like crepes and not the equally delicious thick ones you make.

Mix together -

125 g buckwheat flour
1/4 tsp salt
1 large egg
300 ml water

Rapeseed or sunflower oil for frying

Make sure your pan is hot and the galettes are lovely and thin.

There was a mix up with my veg box last week, they sorted it out right away, but this week they gave me some quails eggs to say sorry for the mix up.  I have eaten one once when out for a meal but never actually bought any.  I didn't realise how beautiful they are.  They seem too pretty to eat.  I will have to look up cooking times, I thought they would be nice hard boiled in a puy lentil salad, any other ideas?  Nice to see that they are from 'pampered' hens :)

I ordered my Xmas cards from a Charity as usual but like to do something a bit special for my family and close friends.  Last year I printed on some fabric I dyed with tea and put a bit of embroidery on them and then stuck them on a card

 I'm sure my friends appreciated them but as I have a male partner and two sons, this year I have been scratching my head to come up with something the males in my family may appreciate more.  I also would like something they can keep, so have come up with the idea of printing off a favourite photo of them and gluing it onto a card.  I won't put any writing on the front, just inside.  I will then give them a photo frame as a present to put the card into.  I have a lovely photo of eldest son giving his nephew a piggy back, one of our youngest son with his partner last Xmas and will find one of the bearded one with the grandchildren.  The cards will then be kept all year, for many years.  Have you come up with any new ideas for cards this year?

Chickpea xx


  1. I guess buckwheat is Gluten free? I'm always looking for ideas for a friend who eats GF, this could be an idea

  2. and I forgot to say we were given some quails eggs earlier this year and I fiddled and made mini scotch eggs- so tasty

  3. Hi Sue, yes it is gluten free. That must have been very fiddly, they are really tiny!

  4. I love your embroidered Christmas cards but I know what you mean about them not being quite as suitable for chaps. The photo idea sounds like a good one x

  5. I love pancakes and crepes, I was actually thinking of making some for a weekend lunch snack for a change.Female cards are always easier to make than Male cards.

  6. I have several Japanese recipes that use quail eggs. I have gotten lazy and figured out how to use the regular eggs.
    I like your idea and I think no matter what you do for the men in your life they will treasure it. Maybe later but they will treasure it.
    I design my Christmas Cards every year. This year I am doing the 6th day but with an Arizona take on it.

    cheers, parsnip

  7. I love pancakes, I would eat them every day of the year given the chance.

  8. Buckwheat pancakes sound interesting, I wonder if they have a nutty taste to them. My neighbours granddaughter used to keep quails, they really are tiny little eggs aren't they.

  9. The little embroidered samples were lovely. I'm sure the people who received them appreciated the time you put in. xx

  10. I'm not gluten-free, but I usually add maize-meal and buckwheat to wheat flour for my pancakes. Maybe a buckwheat, maize-flour, rice-flour mix would be a good strategy for removing that stodginess.

    I love the earthy flavor of buckwheat, I think it pairs well with mushrooms.

  11. I was wondering if you could make a sort of eggy blini with tiny buckwheat pancakes topped with a fried quails egg and then you could combine the lovely new pancakes and the eggs too! Your card idea is a great one and will be appreciated I am sure. xx

  12. I see I have fellow pancake lovers out there! Thank you for the comments about last years cards.

    Good idea big bad, I will mix them with something lighter when I make American style pancakes.

    Good idea Amy :)


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