Monday, 22 December 2014

Trees, Wreaths and Decs

There's all sorts of things I should be doing now, cleaning the house, writing cards for people who I never hear from the rest of the year, rushing around the supermarket.  But instead I am having a fun creative day.  I am not a fan of xmas....there I said it.  So I turn it into something I do like, which is the simple pleasure of celebrating nature and creating a bit of magic.  I loved the idea of decorating the garden trees I have seen on various blogs so spent the morning balancing on a chair hanging baubles. I decorated our little living tree which will be put in a big pot ready for next year and making wreaths to take to the cemetery.  The mantle has a bit of sparkle and the cake is decorated.


The other stuff may get done, or maybe not, we can always eat cake for xmas dinner.

Chickpea xx


  1. I love your mirror, I want one! Like you we are not fans of Christmas, what ever decorations are being done will be done on Christmas eve, holly and ivy from the field spruced up with some chilly peppers that I could not resist. I will be trying out your lentil bake next weekend for some vegetarian friends who are coming for a meal.

  2. Did you see the holly and Ivy decorations on Countryfile? The mirror is awesome!

  3. Thank you Anne and Dave, I saw a photo of a mirror like it in a magazine and asked someone to make one for me. I hope the lentil bake goes o.k., feeling nervous now! No I didn't see it Dave, will try to catch it on iplayer.

  4. Considering you are not a fan of christmas you have some wonderful makes! The cake looks delicious and I LOVE your mirror too. I saw one in a shop in Padstow this year but it was quite expensive so I had to resist. Have a lovely Christmas x

  5. I love Christmas and the Holidays But we have a very quiet Christmas and just enjoy the month week and day.
    Since there are three or four of us usually we don't go crazy and just have fun.
    One of the best parts is tonight we will drive around were we live and look at Christmas lights on the homes !

    cheers, parsnip

  6. cake for Xmas dinner I like your style! xxx

    your outside tree is beautiful, as is all your other decorating, I hope you have a truly magical Christmas xxx

  7. Cake for christmas dinner sounds like a plan to me!

  8. Well that cake looks brilliant and you sure have beaten me on that front. I am in the middle of a blind panic as I have left everything far too late this year. Have a wonderful Christmas xx

  9. My cake has got white icing and nothing else because I keep forgetting to get something to decorate it with.
    I also like the mirror and have been tempted by some driftwood shelves similar on ebay. Maybe after Christmas

  10. The cake is amazing. It looks so professional. Love the decorations too, very tasteful x

  11. ALL of your trees look wonderful!! Happy Christmas! xx

  12. Gasp!! I have serious Mirror Envy!!
    I don't care for the C-word either - for the same reasons. Your decorations look gorgeous and as for the cake - very pretty!

  13. Thank you Pensive Pensioner, happy Xmas to you to x

    I love looking at the lights as well Parsnip

    Thank you driftwood, the same to you x

    Wouldn't even need to cook Louise!

    Thank you Chel, x

    Stick some holly on it, it will be fine Sue :)

    Thank you Saver, icing and decorations bought and just stuck on the cake :)

    Thank you Amy, happy xmas to you x

    Thank you Kim, I love my mirror

  14. loving your decorations and I WANT that mirror, its fab..

  15. I love the rustic mirror with all the natural decorations on it. xx

  16. Wishing you a very happy Christmas. That cake looks lovely!


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