Wednesday, 14 May 2014

60 by 60 Working on number 4, live by the sea

Someone once said, 'a weed is only a weed if it is in the wrong place'  I whole heartedly agree with this.  If I like the look of a plant it stays, I don't usually even know if something is a weed or not, such is the extent of my gardening knowledge.  I therefore have an unruly garden, which I'm happy with.  I like my garden to be a wildlife haven, chemical free and informal.  It has taken many years for it to become the type of garden that gardeners would itch to get their hands on, to weed and hack away at.  But it is my little oasis of wild gardening or lack of gardening in the burbs. I even loved the huge brambles which provided free food when the blackberries ripened. There is a new nest this year in an old feeding box, so I will looking out for the chicks

Sadly if I am to achieve number 4 on my list of living by the sea, we have to tame the garden so prospective buyers will not run from it in horror.  It's upsets me hugely whenever anything is cut down.  The overgrown honeysuckle was the latest casualty, it was not pretty, all wood and no green but it was where a bird chose to make its nest last year.  The only positive is that it has cleared a space that could become a little veg patch (number 11 on my list)

So here are the highlights of my wild garden, before it gets tidied up.


  1. I tried for years to get a wild garden meadow to grow at my previous home. Nothing happened however hard I tried. It stated tidy with just grass growing. It did mean though that when we sold up it wasn't a put off, so maybe you just need to rearrange the listing so the order if things works better. When you move then ..............

  2. Yes, you are right, I will be adding 'create a wildlife garden' which will be in our new home


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