Tuesday, 27 May 2014

The secret insomniacs club

I am typing this at 4.30 in the morning as I am listening to the birds singing their little hearts out. A beautiful thing to hear, I read somewhere that it is their way of saying 'I'm still here, I made it through the night'...........However I would prefer to be in bed still asleep!!  I have had sleep problems on and off for most of my life. When I was younger I used to sleep walk, my poor mother didn't get a decent night sleep until I left home, as she would be listening out for me wandering around the house.

My youngest son didn't sleep through the night until he was about four - that's four years, not four months, so sleep was not an option. I used to daydream about having a little accident in my car, nobody would be hurt but they would take me into hospital for the night for observations. Yes it got that bad.

So fast forward a few years and here we are again in the small hours, wide awake. I go to bed, I get to sleep alright most nights, then I wake up after 1 hour, 2 hours, all through the night. Sometimes, like this morning I just give up and get up.

I have discovered that I am not alone tho. Sometimes I go on Facebook at silly o'clock in the morning when I can't sleep and find several of my friends doing the same thing. There is a whole nocturnal world out there that most people don't know about. They are blissfully asleep when we hold our insomniacs club meetings.

Are you in our club?

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