Monday, 26 January 2015

Darn it and Boyhood

I am a fully signed up member of the make do and mend club, but unfortunately my mending and darning skills when it comes to clothes aren't always up to scratch.  My family bring me their clothes that need repairing and I manage to mend most of them to a certain extent but I will never have the skills my mum had.  That's the problem, I never really learned because I always got my mum to repair and alter anything that needed doing.  Though there were exceptions, when I was a teenage punk I had an old pair of my brothers jeans that were literally falling apart that needed taking up.  My mother was so horrified at the thought of me going out in them that she refused to do it so I stapled them up, which made them even more punk!  There was also an old matted furry jumper that looked like the one Johnny Rotten wore, the sleeves were about a foot too long.  Again she refused to take them up, so I chopped them off after which they unravelled more every day much to my delight and my mothers horror.

So now my sons and the bearded one bring me the clothes they've managed to abuse in some way.  I try my best to give them a little TLS and extend their life.

Are you a mender and darner or do you think life's too short for such things :)

We watched the film Boyhood last night, it was filmed over 12 years with the same cast.  Have you seen it?  I enjoyed it, I thought it was wonderful literally watching the cast grow up, what an amazing concept.  Well done to the director Richard Linklater for coming up with the idea and carrying it through.  The young boy Ellar Coltrane was particularly good.  The bearded one on the other hand thought it was boring because nothing happened.  Well that was the point, it was family life through the years with insights into America at the time. I was also trying to pick out the year by the music. Here's a trailer.

Thank you for all the lovely comments about my photos over the weekend, it was a wonderful morning, and I am so glad I took the time to go.  Also welcome to 1st man, who escaped to the country and is living the life I am hankering after.

Chickpea xx


  1. My mending has improved although it can take me while to get round to doing repairs, I have to be in the right mood to do them :-)

  2. I like to mend, but only if it still looks good, when we were first married hubby brought me a pair of his socks with a hole in, I threw them away!

  3. I am definitely trying much harder to make do and mend! In fact my post tomorrow was going to be exactly that!! My sewing skills aren't great though, so when my husband ripped a hole in the bottom of his best suit trousers I suggested taking them to a 'lady that does'!!

  4. My step mum is brilliant at making do and mending for us - so I never really learn. I am lucky to have her nearby to help out.

  5. I don't mend anymore But I do hem and take in if needed.
    My mother did beautiful sewing, embroidery and mending..
    I remember her even darning socks. They were perfect.

    cheers, patsnip

  6. I will do mending but I really do not like it at all!

  7. I love mending and hand sewing. My mother taught me how to mend and darn and fortunately I was happy to listen.

  8. I would really like to see Boyhood. I'm glad to know you liked it. I do mend, when it makes sense to do so. My husband probably does it more than I do, actually. He doesn't like to throw things away. :)

  9. A friend said Boyhood was stunning so I'm glad to have your recommendation too. Did you download it or see it at the cinema? x

    1. We downloaded it Em, such a unique film seeing the boy grow up on screen.

  10. I seem to spend interminable amounts of times sometimes sewing buttons back on my husbands clothes. I have no idea what happens to them! They seem to come off in the washing machine. So yes, I do make do and mend because otherwise the cost of new shirts would be incredible! I do other repairs, fixing hems and the like, but no darning and I do not sew holes in socks up! Good luck with all of your mending efforts, they will be appreciated I am sure. Loved your stories of your "repairs" in younger years!! You were obviously a great fan of the punk style! xx


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