Wednesday, 7 January 2015

The Big Clean Checklist and a Little Giveaway

My friends would probably find it hilarious that I am writing a post on spring cleaning.  1. because I hate housework and  2. because I am a really disorganised person.  However it needs doing, and one of the strategies I use to get things done is write a list and tick things off as they get done.  I love ticking things off!

Last year Apartment Therapy had a January cleaning list that you could sign up to.  I looked at this years which had number 1 as clean the floors, which didn't make any sense to me at all.  By the time you do the rest of the cleaning the floors will need doing again.  So I decided to make my own list and to share it with you I'm sure there are things I've missed so it is only a guide, add your own bits. Believe me I"m not usually so thorough but if we put the house on the market this year I need to get on top of things and get my derriere into gear!

Cleaning - Top to Bottom

 I use environmentally friendly cleaning products including bicarb etc. if possible.  Better for you and the environment.  Recycle, sell or take to a charity shop any items no longer used.

 1.  Use a long handled duster/vacuum to get rid of any cobwebs lurking on the ceilings.  Dust/vacuum the  lampshades and take down the glass light fittings to wash in soapy water. Replace any bulbs or light fittings that need it and change to LED/energy efficient those that haven't already been replaced.

2.  Clean windows, patio doors.  Dry clean/wash curtains and blinds, wipe down curtain poles. 

3.  Clean the shelves/ bookshelves,  sort and take unwanted books to the charity shop.  Clean the  tops of cupboards and wardrobes

4.  Sort through and clean the top kitchen cupboards.  Check all the dates on any food products.  Get rid of any chipped/old mugs and cups, plates etc. (or save them for a mosaic)

5.  Clean the pictures, mirrors and clocks.  Frame some new photos.

6.  Sort through the bathroom cabinets.  Throw out any items that have been there a long time unused. 

7.  Sort through the wardrobes.  Take any items that I haven’t worn for years to the charity shop, give to friends or if really old add to crafting stash for quilts, rag rugs etc.

8.  Give the showers a really good clean with a steamer or good old elbow grease.  Use an old toothbrush on the grout, replace any fixtures that are getting worn.

9.  Wipe down all the internal and external doors,  particularly around the handles, not forgetting the tops.

10. Wash the throws, vacuum the soft furnishings, sofas etc.

11. Strip the beds, vacuum the mattresses and turn.   Replace any mattress and pillow protectors, pillows and duvets that have seen better days. Check spare guest bedding and store in vacuum packs.

12. Polish any wooden furniture, tables etc.

13. Touch up/ wipe any marks on the walls

14. Clean the light switches and plugs sockets

15. Clean kitchen tiles, bathroorm tiles, clean extractor fans and replace filters.  Clean work tops

 16.  Sort through and clean the bottom kitchen cupboards.  Take any items to the charity shop that I don’t need.  Replace any oven trays that have gone rusty.

 17. Clean the sinks baths and toilets.  Replace plugs, bath mats etc as needed.  Sort through any bath products and get rid of any that have been there forever. Sort out towels, any torn, worn towels can be cut up for dusters.

 18. Clean the oven, hob and fridge.  Replace bulbs and filters as needed.
19.  Clean the washing machine, dryer and dishwasher.  Remove filters and give them a good clean, run the appropriate products through them.

20. Clean and touch up the skirting boards

 21.Wash floors, vacuum and have professionally cleaned carpets/rugs that need it.

I will be working on the list when I have the time and energy!  Don't worry, I'm not turning into a domestic diva :)

Though she be but little, she is fierce.

I have a 'thing' about stationary, I just love it and buy far too much.  I spotted this note book at a craft fair and couldn't resist.  It has brown unlined pages, is small enough to fit in a handbag and has a lovely handmade cover.   To show my appreciation of all you lovely people who take the time to read my blog I will be giving it away.  All you have to do is leave a comment to say whether you would like to be included.  I will make the draw next week.

Chickpea xx


  1. great list, I'll add it to my to do list!
    And I love that notebook.

  2. which means I would like to enter!

  3. I look at that list and realise that I do a lot of those things as part of my daily and weekly cleaning (I have OCD, and I don't say that in jest!) I dream of spending less time cleaning and more time enjoying life, but I can't relax and enjoy things when I know things are all in perfect order and sparkling clean! The more time I have, the more time I spend cleaning, I'm terrible! I love the words on the notebook - a lovely find! Good luck with your cleaning to do list!

  4. Wow that's a complete list. Please add me to your give away

  5. I didn't read your list - much too frightening!
    Yes please - love notebooks - are you sure you want to part with it?

  6. I did quite a few of those things on your list at the weekend! :)
    Yes please add me to your giveaway - I love little notebooks too. x

  7. That's one heck of a list! I'm not too good at housework either. Some of my friends do that list every week! Not me - there is always something more interesting to do!
    Can I go in the hat please?

  8. That is some list you will feel great ticking all that off.
    Please add me to the list :-)

  9. Please pop my name into the hat for the little notebook. It 'suits' me perfectly.


  10. Brilliant list,but I'd much rather be crafting heee heee.I too love stationary,love the book,but as a NEW follower feel it would be rude of me to enter this time.You have inspired me to take my camera out more often.Hugs

  11. I am sure that you will get through all this in half a morning! Hee hee. That is a very LONG list!! Your house will be amazing when you are done with it all. I hope you enjoy the process and the results! xx

  12. Hello, I am a paper products addict. I sniff new note books, hang out in the school supplies aisle at WalMart. Staples is heaven.

    I love notebooks. I love getting a new diary every November.

    Did I mention I have an addition?

    Yes, enter me, because I would give that notebook a good home.

  13. Wow, what a list, do people really have to do all that, life's too short. However if you are wanting to sell that is a different matter. Please add me to the hat, a note book to make lists of what I should be doing would be great.

  14. I love paper - notebooks, mini tablets, loose craft papers - love it all and your little notebook is so cute. I am also very fond of that quote...and good luck with your big clean. Ranee from Minnesota

  15. I have to invite people to stay every so often just to make sure the place gets a good clean!!! I too love fresh, clean stationery just ready to go :) xxx

  16. I feel exhausted just reading your list... And realise what a terrible housekeeper I am. Clean tops of cupboards? I'm not sure I have ever done that!

  17. Wow you are going to be a busy girl, I have made a start, please enter me into your giveaway I seem to have a bit a a notebook fettish x

  18. Phew, this is a long long list. It sounds like a full time job. I am just glad if my socks don't stick to my floors.... Yes, please, could you enter me in your giveaway, what a sweet little notebook! x

  19. It is so difficult to get the balance right Louise, I get stressed because the house is cluttered and I can never find anything. I need to do more tidying!

    Yes, it is very scary Sue! No I don't want to part with it but I have a drawer full of new note books I couldn't resist!

    Yes Gill there is always something more interesting to do, I start housework, get bored and wander off to do something else!

    Yes so would I Lee!

    I won't enjoy the process at all Julee, but will feel better when it's all sorted, one step nearer to moving!

    Yes it is an addiction for me as well 50 and counting :)

    Having people to stay just means I'm shoving things under beds in drawers etc and can't find them for ages Fran!

    Thank you Ranee :)

    No nor have I Gina :)

    Going to take ages Christina!

  20. You have a great cleaning list! I would love to be included in the draw for the notebook. Thanks!

  21. I love note books, that particular one is a tad special isn't it?

    Trying to clean and clear here but having four dogs and three cats in the house it's not an easy task.

  22. The list scares me but I do agree than cleaning the floors first is madness!
    Can you stick me in your giveaway hat please.

  23. Now then, a list that I can really use! I'm going to print this off and start working on it along with throwing away quite a bit of 'stuff' along the way. The notebook is a little gem. 'Though she be but little, she is fierce' would be perfect for me to take notes around work! I am the shortest in my team but I have to say I am a little rotweiler when it comes to getting things done :-) Please enter me into the giveaway!! Have a lovely evening x

  24. Hi chickpea not sure if you realised you are following my blog, not sure if you pressed follow again in error, but you were already following, doesn't make any difference though, Marlene xx

  25. Hi Marlene, I kept missing your updates so I added you to my reading list on my dashboard which meant it added me as a follower again. I'm trying to 'spring clean' my blog reading as well, I have some on bloglovin, some on my dashboard all very disorganised of me as usual :)

  26. Love the cleaning list! I may follow it (selectively!!) Taking the decorations down seems to show up all the dirty bits.

    I would love to enter the giveaway for the notebook - something about new stationery that I love too!

  27. Okay - I'm printing out your list right now. xx

  28. I used to room with some friends from high-school- the cousin of one of my friends bought a house and rented out rooms... the place was like a beach house without an ocean.

    The only way we could keep it clean was to throw huge parties. We'd clean the house before each party so we didn't look like a bunch of animals, and we'd really clean the house afterward when it was a beer-soaked mess.

    Hmmmm... I wonder how many people I could fit in my apartment if I threw a "kegger"...

  29. Ha ha that sounds like my sons house Big Bad!

  30. Fantastic list! Thank you for the giveaway!


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