Saturday, 18 October 2014

Paid in Pasties

We had a huge amount of cutting back of trees to do today so called in the troops to help.  Eldest son, youngest son and his partner came over to give a hand.  I hate cutting anything but I don't think others would share my love of totally overgrown wild gardens when it comes to selling the house.  I said sorry to the trees and the creatures who share them and the devastation began.

We were helped by Boris and Sammy my sons dogs who helped to move the wood.

My sons partner up in the tree wielding a chainsaw!!

Stopping for a well earned pasty and bun

Plenty of wood to see us through the winter.

We have had quotes to cut down the trees which amounted to hundreds of pounds.  This just cost me some pasties, homemade buns and some spare sausages for the dogs.  It took most of the day and they all worked incredibly hard, its amazing what Cornishmen will do for a pasty.

Chickpea xx

Sorry for pinching your name paid in chickens :)


  1. Very brave family of helpers.
    In fact so very brave.
    I have gardeners who come in to trim
    my trees.
    But best of all I lurve the waggie helpers moving the wood.
    As we can see in the last photo they did a wonderful job !

    cheers, parsnip

  2. lol, no problem at all I'm really impressed with your savings!

    I know you didn't want to trim the tress but at least you will be using the wood so it won't be wasted.

    I do hope you were only watching the work being done ;)

  3. I love the dogs, its nice when someone will do something and don't mind if they get paid or not.

  4. They have done a fabulous job, all that lovely wood to keep you warm and for free too. Lovely doggies!

    Do you think they would like to come up to Yorkshire, I can pay in pies and cake :-)

  5. Just catching up! I liked your blind and lamp from your previous posts, very pretty! It looks as though you did a lot of work in the garden with the trees, the dogs had fun too didn't they!! xx

  6. seems like a good deal to me, and love the doggy helpers !

  7. They did a good job :o) I'm the same about cutting things back but sometimes it does need doing. Love the dogs x

  8. Great job and lovely dogs too! I do so love a Cornish Pasty (vegetable one, of course) I hope you are feeling better this weekend.

  9. I do love it when you can give help and get it for free. It feels good all round i think.


  10. The two doggies wanted pasties also from the looks of it :)

  11. I would do quite a lot for a pasty, too! I am not too sure about climbing a tree yielding a chainsaw though... x

  12. That looks like some well deserved pasties!


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