Thursday, 23 October 2014


I don't have to work until this afternoon.  Am I running around catching up with all the washing, ironing dishes etc.? Am I heck!

I am hoping to go to Samba practice tonight after a couple of months recovering from my operation.  I have missed it desperately.  I get so much joy from banging away on my little tam making a HUGE amount of noise.  I have forgotten a lot of the tunes so will be practicing this morning, I don't want to look a complete numpty :)

If you are not familiar with Samba, the video is an example of how much fun it is.  We don't have as many members, and don't jump around as much as them unfortunately, but we all love playing.  I hope you enjoy it.  If you like what you see, find out if you have a local Samba band and go along!

Chickpea xx

Welcome to Rosemary :)


  1. Excellent! You are clearly feeling better which is lovely news. I am enjoying Strictly at the mo for the same reason- bright colours and movement, all very cheery x

  2. I enjoyed that video, I gues thats not the group you go to :-)

  3. Haha sadly not Dawn, aren't they fab :)

  4. Wow, that looks like fun! I'm not sure my back would stand up it though ;-) Glad you're feeling better x

  5. Wow - that looks like so much fun - we all need to sing, dance and make more music! Have fun - Lily


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