Monday, 20 October 2014

Sharing Food

I believe that one of the best gifts you can give is something you have made.  It doesn't have to be fancy, or take a lot of time of money, we can all make something.  It was my friends 'significant' birthday last week but she was stuck in bed with flu.  She hasn't felt much up to cooking  so is missing out on the very things she needs to aid recovery.  I invited her to come and share a meal that I made from scratch, full of goodness and made with love.   She is also gluten intolerant, everything was 100% gluten free so she didn't have to worry about getting ill.   This was my birthday present to her.

Gluten free lasagna

Roast vegetables

Topped with mozzarella.  Delicious!

With this gluten free lasagna, you have to ensure it is covered with lots of sauce and then covered with foil while baking to make sure it cooks.  Take the foil off for the last few minutes for it to brown.

Followed by gluten free chocolate muffins,  o.k. not exactly nutritious but a birthday treat.  They were made with the same recipe I used for my sons birthday cake which you can find under recipes.

The sharing of food is part of so many cultures, the act of sitting together and enjoying a meal while chatting and putting the world to right is something we are sadly losing in our hectic lives.  There are many people living on their own who may not be able to prepare a meal, or don't have the heart to make something just for themselves and survive on ready meals.  Even those who have meals on wheels or the equivalent just have them dropped off and are still along to eat them.  Food tastes so much better when you have someone to share it with.

I hope you have all had a good weekend.  Thank you for all your comments about the garden clearance, everyone was shattered but it was a good days work.  We are very lucky to have family we can call on.

Chickpea xx


  1. Fab idea,you're a smashing friend to have, and i'm sure your poorly friend really appreciated the lovely thought
    Hope you're well Chickpea
    Sue xxx

  2. Sounds like a lovely meal from a very kind friend! I'm totally with you on the sharing food thing. I think that cooking a meal or something special for someone is one of the best gifts you can give.

  3. What a lovely friend you are :) I'm sure those muffins were just as good for her health as all the veggies in the lasagne, a bit of cake really lifts my spirits, hehe!

  4. Food is such a life-affirming thing to share. I love feasts and dinner parties and family get-togethers based around a hearty meal. Those buns look smashing :o)

  5. What a lovely thing to do and the food looks scrumptious

  6. Preparing a lovely meal for a friend - wonderful. The only thing which is better is having a meal prepared by a friend

  7. What a lovely present for your friend! I am sure that it was much appreciated and enjoyed too! xx

  8. I agree. A gift is lovely but someone doing something for you is the best gift of all.

  9. Sharing homecooked food with good friends is the best gift, you are so thoughtful xx

  10. You are a very thoughtful friend! Taking the time to make such a special meal for your friend was the best gift you could have given her. :-)

  11. It is wonderful to share food. I was so honored when I had my younger child and people from our church signed up to bring us meals for the first couple of weeks so we usually had something to eat for dinner during that time. The lasagna looks delicious, all those good veggies.

  12. That all looks delicious, what a thoughtful gift. xx


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