Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Flumble Mercy Mission

I had a text from a friend a couple of days ago telling me she has broken her foot.  That would be bad enough at any time, but she has just moved house.  She has been through a very nasty divorce and is nervous and excited to have her own home.   It is an older property and needs a lot doing to it but that is part of the excitement, planning what she is going to do with the property to make it her home.   After years of living out in the sticks she has moved into a village and looking forward to being able to walk to the local shops and library and get more exercise.  She is now off her feet for weeks and can't even drive.  She is feeling very vulnerable and isolated.  A trip on a step and life can change so quickly. 

So what do you do for a friend in this position?  You bake of course!  I was stuck at home in the morning while my new 'smart meter' was fitted, so it had to be made with whatever I had in the house.  It is roughly based on a BBC recipe, with a Chickpea twist.

I'm not sure what to call it, part flapjack part crumble.....flumble perhaps?

Here's what I did:

Rhubarb Flumble

3/4 sticks of rhubarb
1/2 tsp of ginger
2 oz demerara sugar

Chop the rhubarb and cook with the ginger and sugar until slightly softened then set aside.

8 oz demerara sugar
10 oz rolled porridge oats
5 oz gluten free plain flour (or ordinary plain flour)
2 oz mixed seeds
3 tbsp golden syrup
1/2 tsp mixed spice

Mixed together in a large bowl.

12 oz soya margarine (or butter)

Melt and pour into the dry mix.

Give it all a good stir so everything is well mixed.

Grease a baking tin or whatever you have about 20 cm square.

Pour in half of the mix, then the rhubarb and finish off with the rest of the mix.

Bake at 200C/180C fan, gas 6 for 45 - 50 minutes until gold and crisp on top.

Leave to cool before cutting into squares.

I served it with half fat creme fraiche ( yes I know,  a bit pointless after all the fat and sugar in the recipe) The 'tartness' balanced out the sweetness of the frumble.  Not the healthiest of recipes but real comfort food.  You could use whatever fruit you have available so it is a seasonal recipe as well.

My friend, like me, can't eat gluten so really enjoyed having some homemade gluten free deliciousness.  Just what you need when you are feeling down, coffee, cake and a chat.  What is your go to comfort food?

Chickpea xx


  1. For me its rice pudding, I am just about to put some in the oven its my sweet treat. That was very nice of you to do that for a friend, :-)

    1. Rice pudding is a family tradition in our house. My nanny used to make it for my dad and leave it in the bottom of the range for dad when he came home after 'walking out' with my mum.

  2. Chocolate, scones with jam, cake of any sort really or anything fattening!
    Your flumble sound delicious, another recipe to copy - thank you

    1. Yes it has to be fattening to be comfort food :)

  3. When are you going to bring mine around, I will make a nice tea of coffee to go with it.....

  4. Ooh! That would work with gooseberries too! Sounds yummy. I bet your friend was really pleased with your gift and company. Poor lady :(
    My comfort food is bean casserole, which funnily enough we had last night!

    1. It would, I haven't had gooseberries for ages!! Now I'm craving some :)

  5. Ah, bless you - you are a friend indeed.

    Freshly made banana bread from my bread maket - hot from the machine, with dripping melting butter :)

  6. Your flumble looks fantastic. So sorry to hear about your friend. Such a hard time. But it sounds like she is ready to start a positive chapter in her life. Perhaps this is just a chance to slow down and work her way through everything. So nice of you to help her along. Best wishes, Tammy

  7. that flumble looks brilliant -- and with such a fabulous name, how could it not? i say "go hard or go home" as far as desserts are concerned...fat and sugar? pffft. :)

    sorry to hear about your friend's mishap -- especially at such an important crossroads in her life. i wish her well and speedy healing. i'm sure the lovely flumble put a smile on her face and a tingle in her tummy.


    1. haha 'go hard or go home' I like that :)

  8. What a good friend you are. Grumble sounds like the perfect comfort food.

  9. Put the kettle on, I am on my way... My comfort food is seasonal in the summer scones with fresh strawberries and cream, the winter ginger steamed pudding with custard.

  10. What a lovely friend you are. The flumble looks delicious. My comfort food is sponge and custard. X

  11. Sponge and custard always reminds me of school dinners which I liked :)

  12. Your flumble sounds delicious and will have cheered your friend up a lot I am sure! How lovely of you to make this for her. xx

  13. You know... you could substitute the horrible Japanese knotweed for the rhubarb...


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