Friday, 8 August 2014

Purple and Yellow

These photos were taken at the same place as yesterday when I was looking out to sea.  When I turned around and faced inland, there was a sea of purple and yellow from the beautiful heather and gorse.  The view is looking towards St Agnes Beacon from which you can see along the coast for miles.

The holiday season is in full swing now, I find it very difficult for these few weeks when the county is  so full.  I long for peace and quiet, to be able to walk along the beaches and not see another soul.  These are the times when I only venture to the beaches in the evenings when families have left for their evening meals.  I can't stay away from the sea for too long, so sometimes I drive to the coast and find the little areas on the cliff tops that only local people know about.  They park their cars where they can look out to sea.  Set up their chairs and get out their flasks and sandwiches and enjoy the peace away from the crowds.

The heather reminds me of our trip to Scotland a few years ago, the heather covered mountains  were stunning.  I love the gorse with its coconut scent. I have eaten gorse ice cream but never attempted to harvest it myself, it seems a complicated process.

We have family arriving today so will be busy with our grandchildren, unfortunately our granddaughter has chicken pox, so we won't be able to go on the trips we had planned for them.  Hopefully the weather will stay fine and we can set up the paddling pool in the garden and still have fun.  Not the same as jumping over the waves, but we will make the most of the visit.  They grow so fast every minute with them is precious.

I will leave you with this cheeky chap who was hoping to gate crash the picnics,

Chickpea xx


  1. I may be wrong but I think chicken pox is no longer contagious five days after the first spot appeared.

    My Daughter never had them and she's now 26, you should have seen her panic when her Brother caught them, even now it fills her with dread in case she catches them as it's supposed to be terrible when your older.

    I told her that her room was that messy even Chicken pox didn't want to enter!

    Enjoy your time Chickpea x

  2. Whenever I see fields full of coloured flowers it just lifts my spirits. Gorgeous, gorgeous. xxx

  3. Oh wow, these photos are beautiful. The colours almost call for the planning of a quilt, don't they?

    I have always wondered how locals cope with the masses of holidaymakers, it must be a real drag for a few weeks each year. I have never witnessed Cornwall terribly busy but maybe where we go is not as popular as other places.

    I hope your granddaughter hasn't got too many poxes! x

  4. She is on day 2 so still contagious, better that she has them now tho, your poor daughter must worry every time they are around x

  5. It lifts my spirits as well Isabelle, isn't nature beautiful x

  6. Would make a lovely colourful quilt Christina :)

    It can be a drag when I am trying to get to work and back, two of the places I work in are popular holiday locations. But it's only for a few weeks. xx

  7. I've never seen heather or gorse in real life but I would like to someday. The colors are beautiful. Have a good time with your family!

  8. The purple and yellow is a wonderful colour combination isn't it! I hope that your granddaughter is feeling better soon. xx

  9. Thank you Amy and Jennifer xx


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