Monday, 25 August 2014

The Start of Something Big

Inspired by all you talented crocheters I have picked up a crochet hook after many years and started a new project.  This is the first of 164 circles!!  It may take me a few years.  The colour is actually nicer than is looks here, it is going to be a blanket.  It will probably be ready for when I am sat in a rocker in my old age :)  I keep making mistakes, yes there is a mistake in this one, I sadly lack concentration when it comes to following patterns and counting things.  Watch this space for updates.

It has been typical Bank Holiday weather here with heavy showers, so instead of a nice trip out we headed into town and I bought waterproof walking gear in the sale.  I bought some waterproof  trousers which look ridiculous but I must be getting more sensible in my old age.  Gone are the days when I use to go out on my motorbike, get completely soaked and think nothing of it.  My old bones wouldn't cope with hanging around in wet jeans for hours now.

I am planning to get out walking more to try to get my fitness levels back and lose the weight gained through months of inactivity.  I don't seem to be able to walk far without pain lately so hopefully all that will be fixed soon :)  I have also been catching up with the dreaded housework this weekend.  It is very tempting to leave it until next week and then get OH to do it as I can't possibly lift a hoover or iron, but that would be a bit mean.......wouldn't it?

Thank you for your lovely comments on my last post.  There has been a few horrible comments on the local news sites about the Pride Parade.  The usual hateful homophobic name calling from the usual trolls hiding behind their computer screens.  I have reported them and the comments have been removed, no doubt they will be trolling about something else tomorrow.  But there may well be young people out there who read them, and will be too afraid to 'come out' for fear of this bullying, hateful behaviour.  There is still a long way to go and I can't help but worry about my son and his friends who risk being attacked for who they are.

Well not much else to say really, back to work tomorrow so the sun will probably return.

Chickpea xx


  1. Good luck with your crochet! You will be surprised when you get going at how quickly you make up the circles! xx

  2. I am sorry you had to read hateful comments. How dare the ignorant idiots pass judgement. What a lovely couple. You must be so proud x

  3. What a shame people have nothing better to do than write hateful comments. Take no notice, they're probably jealous because they dont have a happy loving relationship.

    Your crochet is lovely, it may not seem perfect now but after another 150 they will be then you can give us a masterclass :-)

    Thank you for following my blog x

  4. I thought those colours looked rather good together an I can't spot the mistake. such a pity that you've had to read hateful comments after what looked like such a joyous occasion. Your son and his partner looked really happy together in the photo and that should be all that matters. X

  5. A crochet blanket is perfect for cooler nights, enjoy the making of it. I am sorry I missed your last post, and that you had to put up with hateful comments. I caught up now. It is disgusting how some individuals feel entitled to judge other people's lives. I am glad your family is able to put this ill judgement aside and enjoy a wonderful occasion to celebrate humankinds diversity. Cx

  6. Oh well done, I have never quite managed crochet, and it is on my list to do. I am so sorry to read about hateful comments. I have always challenged discrimination head on in all its forms (having encountered direct racism as a child) and detest these people that hide behind tech, sadly it happens but it takes people like us to stand up and challenge.

  7. Thank you for your lovely comments everyone, much appreciate :)

  8. Good for you. I look forward to seeing the progress of your blanket. :)


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