Friday, 25 July 2014

A Flying Visit to Somerset

Our poor little grandson has chicken pox and is covered with spots, so we drove up to Somerset to visit him and try to cheer him up.  He is feeling very sorry for himself, I guess when you are three years old it is hard to understand what is happening.  He was especially upset by having to be dabbed with calamine lotion.  The hot weather isn't helping the itching.   I remember when I had chicken pox as a child and my mum telling me not to scratch, it's so hard not to.  I also remember as a child being sent to stay with any cousins who had any of the usual childhood illnesses so I would catch it.  Mum used to say its better to have it now than when you are an adult.   Do any of you remember being deliberately infected?  Those were the days :)

We walked  to the park with our granddaughter who is chicken pox free, through the beautiful little Somerset village of Hinton St George.  It is full of thatched cottages made with beautiful coloured stone.  I didn't manage to get many pictures as all eyes had to be kept on a very independent little two year old who wanted her back pack on, then off, then hat on, hat off.  Stopping to look at every little thing and reminded to catch hold our hand and stay on the pavement.

We didn't leave until the children were bathed and we read the bedtime stories.  They grow so quickly every moment and memory is precious with them.

Off to bed to try to get some sleep, unlikely in this heat.  The band is playing in another carnival tomorrow so I really need to get more than a couple of hours sleep!

Do you have any plans for the weekend?

Chickpea xx


  1. I used to take my DD round to every outbreak but she still never caught them. My DS and even my DGD got them as she still didn't, now at 26 she panics everytime there's an outbreak as she knows she will be really ill if she caught it now.

    My first garage sale attendance at the weekend, I'm excited.

  2. We very rarely see garage sales around here, how exciting!

    Funny how some people catch everything and others nothing.

  3. I hope your grandson gets better soon. Miserable for him in this weather.

  4. What a beautiful village! It is a shame that you are visiting because of chickenpox, but I am sure that you will add some cheer to that situation. Hope that the carnival goes well! xx

  5. Poor little thing; I hope he's better soon.
    Lovely photos, by the way xxx

  6. Poor little fella, hope he makes a rapid recovery, definitely better to get it over with when young, and yes we shared all illnesses as children!
    Have fun samba-ring in the heat. Phew!

  7. Thanks for the best wishes Gina, Amy and Isabelle, it did take his mind off it having nanny and grampa to play with, and to take his sister out so she would stop annoying him!!

  8. Thanks Sue, I am a bit worried about playing later, I'm hoping it cools down a bit by then or I will be struggling.

  9. How nice of you to visit them and help out. I hope your grandson is better soon. Chicken pox is no fun at all. I hope your performance went well!

  10. Our performance was good fun as always, there was a good crowd there. Hopefully he will be on the mend very soon thanks Jennifer x


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