Thursday, 3 July 2014

New Life in My First Veg Patch ..... and Rescuing a Seagull


I don't think I will ever stop being excited when I find tiny little shoots of life pushing through the earth.  These have grown surprisingly quickly and look strong and healthy at the moment.  I have a constant battle with slug and cats, the veg patch is covered with organic slug pellets (sorry slugs)  I hate killing anything but I have found these are the only things that work.  There is also green goo (it looks like the Ghostbusters have been here) that smells like citronella which is meant to keep cats off but I have already lost some lettuce seeds to a hole dug by a cat.

The chard is looking good so far

Carrots just peaking through, next to what looks like giant boulders!

Peas, at least I know these are peas, the lettuce look like weeds at the moment, the only way I can tell the difference is that they are in a line.

A cluster of lettuce where I upset the seed packet, I will have to be ruthless and thin them out.

There are tiny aubergine appearing

The baby mini sweetcorn 'mini pop' are still growing

and the spinach

Red Alert tomatoes are ripening in the greenhouse

Earlier in the year I had some onions that had sprouted in the cupboard.  I planted them in pots and ate the leaves which were like chives.  These I left to flower, who would have thought old onions would be so pretty.  I may save some and see if I can grow some onions next year.

I am a complete novice in the garden, but I am really pleased with the things I have managed to grow.  We only have a little garden and a greenhouse which was my dads, he loved growing things and always had masses of tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce growing in the little greenhouse.  I haven't inherited his green fingers but I will keep trying.

So far we have growing:

In bags and buckets - new potatoes, chard, spring onions, carrots, peas, sugar snap peas and various herbs.

In the greenhouse - strawberries, cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes and chillies

In the veg patch - baby mini sweetcorn, aubergine, carrots, lettuce, chard, spinach, sweetcorn, peas and beans.

How is your garden growing?

Welcome to Gina!

I'm off to make some very loud noise at Samba practice,

Chickpea xx

*Breaking News*  just as I was about to publish, I had a phone call from my son who just got home from work to find a fluffy baby seagull stuck in the bars of the balcony of his apartment three floors up.  So armed with thick gardening gloves and a cardboard box, I made a mercy dash to help rescue the poor thing.  We took it to the vets and will ring tomorrow to see if it survived it's ordeal. off to Samba!


  1. Well done, I have a small garden too but it is surprising the amount you can grow! Have fun at your Samba practise & fingers crossed for your seagull.

  2. Sounds like you've got plenty growing. The pigeons eat my lettuce when I try to grow it.

  3. This is the second seagull rescue story I have read this evening! Must be the time of year for it. It looks and sounds as though you have lots of things growing! I hope that you can keep the cats and critters at bay so that you get a good harvest. xx

  4. I got all excited about bosom' greenery.....
    And then the sheep got in and demolished the lot

  5. Thanks Joanne, I always have great fun at Samba, I love it :) I hope the poor little thing survived.

  6. I have a fat pigeon that waddles around my garden everyday, I'm hoping it doesn't take a liking to my lettuce!

  7. Growing from seed feels just like magic.

    jean x

  8. I think there are a lot of young birds etc around at the moment that are not street wise Amy. ( or balcony wise) Driving home I had to drive around a kitten that was sitting in the road and wouldn't budge!

  9. You'll have to train Winnie up as a sheepdog John x

  10. It is like magic Jean, I used to grow cress with the children and they loved seeing them sprout.x

  11. I have had to rescue a seagull this summer. It's all rather messy and loud. You have so much growing in your veg patch! I am always amazed at how much you can grow in a small space. My little patch at the side of my garden was tiny, and yet it became ever so productive. I have had an issue with cats for the first time this year. I think it's the same one that sits on top of the fence and intimidates Beryl & Jean.
    Leanne xx

  12. Hi Leanne, I'm now wishing I made the veg patch a little bit bigger, but hopefully with careful planning I will be able to make the most of the space. It's all very exciting growing things for the first time! I hope your lottie is doing well x


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