Thursday, 31 July 2014

Tarting up the Guest Room

Lilac is so last year apparently

I have started work on decorating the guest room.  It used to be our eldest sons room when we moved here,  then our youngest son inherited it.  It was all a bit 'masculine' with black blinds and spotlights.  When our youngest moved out I gave it a quick coat of white paint and never got around to doing anything else to it.  Now I'm looking to give it a bit of a make over.  I don't won't to spend a lot of money on it, but just freshen it up a bit and get it ready for when the house goes on the market next year.

  I have decided to replace the black venetian blinds so have been looking for lilac fabric. The quilt pictured above used to be in our room but has now taken up residence in the guest room so I wanted them to match.  Simple I thought, but oh no, apparently lilac is out of fashion.  Nobody wants that colour anymore!  Really?  Or is it that those who decide these things want us all to go out and buy the  new 'in' colour.

I was determined to buy the fabric today so I could get on with it, no more procrastinating, so ended up with something I'm not totally happy with but will have to do.  My blind making skills leave a lot to be desired but I have dressed the windows of both my sons homes and our home with my rather rustic home made blinds.  They do the trick and are cheaper than having them made.

OH has taken down the spotlights and put up a new light fitting and it has a new 'shade'  Black shelves have been taken down and I filled the holes.  Now we just have to find the little sander which seems to have disappeared in the big garage tidy up.

All the 'selling your house' books say to keep things neutral so I won't be too adventurous with my decorating, and I won't be spending a fortune on it. It's going to be a bit of a challenge to make it look good, without being too boring.

Anyone out there got any brilliant, cheap, neutral decorating tips?

Chickpea xx


  1. Uh-oh, I'm in trouble: I've just painted our hall lilac!
    Everyone seems to be redecorating at the moment. Good for you, though, getting your house ready to be put onto the market. If you start now, you can do it up gradually instead of having to do it all at once (oh do I hate the stress of that!).
    Look forward to seeing the final result xxx

  2. Good luck, we are doing ours up on a shoestring so I'm with you in spirit as we are not moving.

    Tried to get a carrot out today and the ground is too hard it was more like the big turnip story, I think I'll wait until we've had some rain.

  3. Lilac will be back in vogue again next year Isabelle :)

  4. Can't wait to see your carrots Julee :)

  5. I think textiles make a great, easily-changed decorative effect in a room. You can whip up simple curtains and matching pillow covers, with a solid-colored area rug to match. You can buy remnant fabrics really cheaply so you don't have to invest much money.

  6. You're right Jennifer, textiles are a great way to change a room. Not that I need any excuse to buy fabric :)

  7. I like Lilac and who are these people who decied whats in or out.
    Lilac is lovely soft colour, and lends itself to shabby chic, paint up some old plant pots and pop them in the window with some bright green plants to give a spalash of colour.

    I think I would have re-used the black blind and painted it, in shades of colour, getting little match pots are ideal for small projects,

    Love your light fitting and quilt.

  8. When I have a sewing project in mind if I do not have the right colour fabric my first port of call are the charity shops. I head straight for the curtains and bedding, duvet covers can be had for £2 upwards and make good blinds and curtains. I tend to look for lined curtains, the outer fabric is wonderful for bags and I reuse the lining for "new" curtains and blinds.

  9. Lilac is a beautiful colour. I never understood why some colours are hip and others aren't. Colours are so personal! I am afraid I am hopeless with neutrals, I am more comfortable with vibrant colours. I would choose lots of different textiles to personalise your spare room, adding to the amazing quilt you already have. Enjoy for decorating is fun! x

  10. if you don't want to add too much colour, texture is great for creating interest in a room. Think wood, unusual textiles, embroidery etc. Look out for some pretty art work too. I often find things at car boots and chazzas. just this week I picked up a very sweet slightly kitsch oil painting of a retro Italian fishing harbour for just £1.00. As your not in too much of a hurry you will find exactly what you want. Looking forward to seeing the room when it's finished.

  11. Dear Chickpea, because I love your blog, I have nominated you for a Liebster - information on my latest

  12. It is so annoying when someone else decides what is in fashion isn't it! Your fabric might not be what you would have wished for, but it will be lovely for blinds and add a splash of colour but not too much. xx


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