Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Today and Dreaming of the Future


We are now back to work after our stay- cation and back to reality, but that isn't so bad.  It has been a good day.

We had a lovely dinner,  I made a blue cheese, griddled pear and walnut salad with herby dressing.  I had the cheese board in the restaurant yesterday and couldn't eat it all.  The blue cheese was brought home in my napkin.  I have no shame :)

I am making the slugs happy by getting them drunk on beer, perhaps they will stay away from my vegetables now.

Home grown spinach and tomatoes.  I can't tell you how much joy it brings to grow my own food.

My beans are climbing up the bamboos.  I am really looking forward to eating these, and am already thinking of delicious things to do with them.

The washing is blowing on the line.  I love picking in fresh smelling laundry dried outside.

 Inspired by all you clever crocheters out there, I am planning a new project.


I have also been looking online at lovely little cottages with lots of space around them, and no noisy neighbours.  However this is not going to happen until I get my act together and tart this house up enough to go on the market.  If we are going to move it will have to be while we have the health and energy to do the work on another house.  I hate the whole buying/selling process, I find it extremely stressful, which is why I have been here many years longer than I had planned.  We bought this house for the children to be near school and college.  They are grown and gone now.  It is time to move on.

  I am setting myself the challenge of doing at least 1 thing a week towards this goal, and listing it on here......gulp, There,  I have said it out loud.  I'm hoping it will give me the incentive to get on with it.  Today I listed some carpentry work on Rated People.  We have been trying to get someone to replace wood on our doorframe, nobody seems interested in doing it because it is a small job, very frustrating.

I hope you all had a good day,  welcome to claire, winkelscrazyideas and fran :)

Chickpea xx


  1. I have seen people asking for recommendations on Facebook for plumbers, joiners etc. They have asked for people they would have again and described what they want doing. Small job can mean it's just right for someone who's retired. Put an advert in the local shop as well, you never know. We know a cheap carpenter but I don't think he'll travel all the way down to you lol.

    I like the way your taking the bull by it's horns, I'd love to move somewhere quiet.

  2. All it takes is the first step. Doing something little and often is the best way. Like you i hate moving but we will have to do it one more time, I hope.

    Jean x

  3. Good idea Julee, I will put it on FB now! xx

  4. Yes you are right Jean little and often is manageable. If I think about how much needs to be done I am overwhelmed and don't go anything xx

  5. We moved 6 times between 1979 and 1992 and somehow it seemed easy. But to move again now will be very hard work I think, it will have to be done one day.

  6. We moved around a lot when we were renting, and I liked that as I liked moving to new places. It is the whole buying and selling, chains etc that I hate.

  7. We keep thinking about downsizing but can never quite get around to it when we think of the upheaval of moving. Good luck with all your jobs. I like the look of your pear and walnut salad.

  8. Thank you Gina it was delicious.

  9. Looking to the future and doing it in small bites is a great idea! I hope that you can find a carpenter. The other thing is perhaps to wait a little bit (!) until you can afford to have several things done and club small bits into one bigger job? Perhaps you only need this one thing doing though! I hope that you can work it out in any case. xx

  10. Hi Amy, yes we have creaky stairs that need fixing so that has been listed as well as some other bits and pieces. I have been given a phone number of someone who may be interested so will ring it today, keep your fingers crossed for us xx

  11. Hey Chickpea, Allow me to stay with you perhaps FOREVER, and i'll gladly help in any way that i can!!!
    (Thought i'd push m' luck a bit there)ha ha
    Hope you're well,Good Luck with all that you're embarking on
    Sue xxxx

  12. Hi there Sue, you could be our live in odd job person lol. Hope you are keeping well, it's always good to hear from you xx

  13. Oh yes, buying and selling is so extremely stressful, isn't it. Having said that, moving is also very exciting - starting somewhere new, that kind of thing.
    It's a good idea to tackle getting your current house ready by doing it up gradually so that it doesn't become overwhelming. Good luck and keep us posted :-)

  14. I never want to go through another move, this is our end house fianl, finito they really need to look at changing the hosue buying system, two friends who were due to exchange the week after we moved have both had buyers pull out last moment one of them is devesated she was all packed removals booked :-( I hope it all go well for you.

  15. Thank you Dawn, it won't be for a while yet, but already I'm getting stressed about it. x

  16. Good luck with your plan. I hope I never have to move again but I know it's not realistic to think that way. I do often joke to my husband that he'll have to bury me in the backyard. :)


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