Friday, 4 July 2014

Birthday Girl in Disgrace and Making a Good Impression on the New Neighbours

It might be your birthday sunshine, but that doesn't mean you can poo in my veg patch.

We have new neighbours just moved into the house behind us, and what do they see?  Me running across the garden waving my arms and shrieking like a fish wife...... oh dear.  In my defence, birthday girl was sitting as pretty as you like just about to poo on my veg patch, and then no doubt do the burying it bit by scattering earth and seeds everywhere.  Oh well, they will soon get used to me, wait till they see me trying to catch her for her flea drops!

Seagull update, the little fella made it through the night so if there is no permanent damage to the wing  hopefully he will be o.k.  I know some people see them as a nuisance, but I would never let any creature suffer.

I have had a 'so called' day off today, it does make me laugh when the OH calls it a day off.  Before 11 o'clock I had tidied downstairs, hoovered, put the dishwasher on put the washing machine on and played okie cokie with the washing, in out, in out shake it all about, it is now indoors on the clothes horse.  Made up the guest room for a dear friend who is coming to stay next week, made some gluten free scones to eat with the  homemade jam and cleaned the fridge - oh and of course chased the cat off the veg patch.  I am now in pain from a hernia caused by last years operation so will be doing something less strenuous this afternoon!

 I was reading the lovely blog 'Doing it for ourselves' this morning.  It reminded me of how far we have come, I can't really complain.  When our eldest son was born we were living in a caravan saving up for our first house.  I didn't even have a washing machine, I used to boil up his nappies on the little gas stove.  It was bliss after three years of caravan living, moving into our own little cottage, riddled with damp, but proper running water rather than from a hose pipe that used to freeze in the winter.  There were funny times as well, it was in the OH parents field, many a time we were woken by their shetland ponies rubbing their arses against the corner of the van and making it rock.

Now we have a warm, dry house, labour saving gadgets, food on the table and a little veg patch for our cat to poo in.  We are very lucky, far too many do not have even the basics.

Who remembers the cotton nappies, soaking buckets etc?  What do you do on your 'days off'?

The beautiful weather has turned into rain, but I will leave you with my little ball of sunshine as it blooms.  Happy 4th of July to my American readers!

Welcome to Christina!

Chickpea xx


  1. Beautiful photos. Happy birthday to your cat.

  2. Thanks for the welcome! I am ashamed to admit we never used cloth nappies here. You are so right, we are very lucky to have all the modern gadgets to make our lives easy. I would in all likelihood spend all day scrubbing clothes without a washer (there is 6 in the house)! Our cat Lupin loves freshly planted beds most for her toilet. I find a spray of water helps. I have no official "off" day because I am a reluctant stay at home mum but I do enjoy "me" days without chores. Have a lovely weekend, and enjoy your weekend guest.

  3. It is amazing what you end up doing on a "day off" isn't it!!! Although I bet that you get even more done these days with running water and all! I hope that you have a good weekend with some doing nothing time, not having to chase the cat or nurse a seagull! xx

  4. Your post did make me laugh! I used cloth nappies for my eldest (The disposable ones available then leaked everywhere!) but moved on to disposables by the time I had my next three. Not sure what you mean by a day off though!

  5. Hi Christina, the cloth nappies were the only option then, life would have been a lot easier with disposables. By the time I had my second son they were more readily available thankfully.

    We all need 'me' days, especially when we have a house full. Have a good weekend x

  6. I will playing with the band this weekend Amy, so not very relaxing but good fun! x

  7. Hi Gina, did you panic the first few times of putting on the cloth nappies thinking you were going to stab your baby with the huge nappy pins?!!

  8. Happy Birthday you handsome devil you xxx

  9. Your 'days off' sound a bit like mine, still I like the house ship shape. Nice to hear about your early days. I think our generation did start out with nothing and I think it's the best way really. You definitely appreciate what you achieve, and look after what you've got. Better for us and the planet.
    Jean x

  10. Hi Shrimpton and Perfect (love that name) It certainly taught us how to make do and mend, my parents generation had to manage on rations. I learned a lot from them about not wasting anything, and looking after what we had. It was nothing to do with being green, but looking back, it was a very environmentally friendly way to live.


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