Monday, 21 July 2014

Garden Catch up and Speaking Cornish Week

It is still very warm here and I am not coping with it all.  Hot flushes and hot weather are not a good combination.  I had plans for a lot of gardening yesterday, but gave up quickly after nearly melting and retreated indoors to do something crafty.  More on that later.

The branch of our twisted willow hanging over the neighbours washing line was successfully removed with no damage to fence or neighbours property.  My fight against cats and birds continues in my veg patch.  I have now dangled cloth over the veg to try to keep birds off.

I'm trying to stop cats using it as a a giant little tray, but as OH remarked, the cats now have something to wipe their bums with.  There are areas of missing plants as something gets to them, not sure if it slugs, birds or cats digging them up.  Very frustrating.

I have not edited these photos in any way, the red is this vibrant.

Despite complete neglect, the roses are looking beautiful.  The red one was planted by my dad in memory of my mum whose middle name was Rose.

You may remember a few weeks ago we had big plans for the front garden, after getting a quote back we have decided to make the best of what is there, so my son dug the first of  3 new flower beds.   It needs kerb appeal for when we decide to move so I will be filling it with shrubs and have already tackled the holly tree and made it a lot tidier.

I was going to start planting up this evening when it is cooler, but after making jam - yes making jam in this hot weather, I don't know what I was thinking! -  I'm too hot to even put some plants in.

This week is 'Speaking Cornish Week', yes, we have our own language.  We have been saying for many years that we are different from the English and we have recently been granted minority statues which recognises our unique culture.   Even Lisa Simpson is on our case!

 I know a few words is Cornish but would like to learn more, it is on my 60 x 60, so I had better get on with it.  It sounds familiar to Welsh, not that I know any Welsh.  The few words I know in Cornish include Dydh da - hello, myttin da - good morning, fatla genes? - how are you, meur ras - thank you.

Finally, I have had this little craft tool in a drawers for years.  I finally got around to using it yesterday, do any of you crafters out there know what it is for?  I will show you what I made with it tomorrow.

I hope you all had a peaceful weekend,

Chickpea xx

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  1. Jam making in this Ha ha, I was siphoning wine into demijohns but it was the heat making me woozing nothing to do with my poor siphoning technique!

    Your pictures are alway stunning ans so clear.

  2. Yes I know Julee, sometimes I just don't think things through, also burnt my hand as I was holding the jar as I filled it doh!

  3. If I am honest I prefer Cornish to Welsh meanwhile my other half is melting in this heat

  4. Looks like your roses are pretty durable.
    They look amazing.

  5. So do I David. Your other half has my sympathy!

  6. They have to be in my garden Lady Lilith, it is survival of the fittest :)

  7. So annoying, those cats pooping in the garden! We used to line the borders with cocoa shell stuff and that certainly kept them away (it's uncomfortable on the paws).
    I learnt something new today: didn't know Cornish folk had their own language!

  8. No idea what it is! As for hot flushes......don't get me started. I've been having them for five years now with no sign of them letting up.......sigh.

  9. A lot of people in the U. K. don't realise the Cornish have their own language Isabelle. It died out many years ago but it is now making a revival.

    I will look out for coconut shells, thanks

  10. Horrible aren't they Em. 5 years!!!!! I have had them for one year which is bad enough.

  11. I hope that you can work out someway to keep the cats off your veggies. I know how annoying it is because we had that too, and we don't have a cat. It is in fact the reason that we are not growing any veggies this year! xx

  12. Yes it is annoying Amy, all the cats in the neighbourhood seem to like our garden anyway, so the veg patch is making it even more popular!

  13. I knew the Cornish had the own language, but I don't think I've ever heard or read it. Is it different from Welsh? I find the whole thing so interesting. I didn't know until a few years ago that Wales was a separate country either. My husband has a lot of Welsh heritage. I think his mother's father was born there, actually.

  14. I think it is similar to Welsh Jennifer. There are a lot of Welsh speakers, Cornwall has very few but are trying to revive it. There are some Cornish people who think Cornwall should be a separate Country. Do you know whereabouts in Wales they came from?


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