Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Edens Elbow and a Heavenly Lunch Break

Last night

Singing along to beautiful songs surrounded by otherworldly domes.  A very special place.

Guy Garvey a genuinely lovely person made it a special night

 One of the most beautiful views from a bus stop you could wish for.


My lunch break

The sound of the surf.
The buzzing of insects
The whir of grasshoppers
Swallows whizzing past
Warm sun on my bare feet
Greetings exchanged with a surfer, board tucked under his arm, a sharing of how lucky we were to be there.
Watching a fishing boat in the bay
Dogs chasing each other in and out of the surf, barking in sheer delight
A yearning to dip my toes in the surf
An ice cream treat

Life is beautiful, I just have to make an effort sometimes to remember that.

Thank you for your kind words yesterday.

Chickpea xx


  1. Lovely post! Those domes look surreal.

  2. Elbow and a sunny beach view and an icecream, sounds good to me.

  3. Glad things seem better. You know what they say (whoever they are). "Don't let a bad day make you think you have a bad life".

    That view looks tremendous btw and the ice cream looks pretty good too.

    Jean x

  4. Thank you Gina. They are amazing

  5. It was very good Sue, especially the ice-cream :)

  6. That is a good saying to remember Jean. Thank you. x

  7. What a lovely couple of days intertwined with treats, that is what life should be like treats as rewards for hard work makes them all the more special.

  8. So true Dawn. You have certainly been working hard! Lovely that you are now near enough to enjoy trips to the seaside and ice cream x

  9. The domes look amazing all lit up like that don't they! I didn't know that they did that. Glad that you enjoyed the concert so much and your lunch by the sea as well. I hope that it blew the cobwebs away! xx

  10. Aren't they beautiful Amy! Yes cobwebs blown away, loins girded and getting on with things :)

  11. BLISS, Think Guy Garvey is my new "crush"! and although i'm not really an ice cream fan(i know, i know)!!, it would go down quite nicely at the mo'
    Much Love Chickpea, Thanks for sharing
    Sue xxx

  12. It looks like such a nice time. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. (He's pretty cute! :)

  13. You should have told me before I went Sue, I could have fixed you up :)

  14. It was a lovely evening in a magical place Jennifer x


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