Sunday, 13 July 2014

Samba and Horses

Our band Samba Celtica waiting to start the parade

I said goodbye to my dear friend this morning, I will miss her so much, but she went out with a bang!!  As a former member of our Samba band, she couldn't miss the opportunity to join us for a bit of Samba fun.  We took part in the Truro Carnival last night, which I have to say didn't have many people attending. Are Carnivals losing their popularity?  As usual I couldn't really see the rest of the parade but there were some beautiful horses, which we obviously stayed well away from, we didn't want to spook them.  We were following them in the parade so had to keep dodging the horse poo left on the road.  I had visions of me slipping over and landing in it, poo covered white trousers for the rest of the parade!

After the parade, we joined the other Samba band from the parade for mass Samba playing, accompanied by some Irish dancers, and followed this with members of the bands joining in with some mass Zumba. I have a dreadful feeling that a photographer from the local paper took some photos, so yours truly will be seen trying to Zumba.  Strange combination of things but good fun.

Later in the evening both bands congregated in a local pub (as you do) and were joined by a third Samba band who had been in another carnival and a couple of their dancers.  It was not planned but as we were all there we joined them to entertain the patrons.  Tho to be honest I think they were more interested in the dancers, who stopped traffic as we spilled out into the streets.  There are a few Samba bands in Cornwall and it is wonderful when we all get together and play.  We can always manage to find a tune we all know, or we soon pick up the other bands tunes.

Dancers from the Truro School of Samba

Sorry they are not great photos, but it is difficult to take photos and bang my drum :)

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  Things will be getting back to normal now for me.

Chickpea xx


  1. I hope that you enjoy the return to normal as much as it looks as though you enjoyed your time with the band in these photos!! xx

  2. Looks like you had an excellent time, the horses are stunning!

  3. It sounds and looks wonderful to be a part of a band.

  4. Thank you Amy, in a way it is nice to get back to normal, I don't think I could live the high life all the time! x

  5. They were beautiful horses Julee, and the riders were all dressed in lovely costumes. I wish had a better picture of them.

  6. It is lovely to be part of a band Isabelle, it is not only the music but the social side of it as well

  7. Wow, this looks very festive. I love those costumes!


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