Sunday, 29 June 2014

A Day of Celebration


The day started with a storm, a heavy downpour and then...... the sun came out.......and then more rain.......and then the sun came out once more and stayed for the rest of the day.  Tables, chairs, cushions were all set up outside, with instructions for everyone to grab a cushion and run if the rain started again.  Puddles were played in until the sun slowly dried them out, the bouncy castle arrived and our garden transformed into a magical place of fun for children and adults alike.

The grandchildren tested the bouncy castle to make sure the bounce was just right for the guests

The Pimms were sipped

Summer strawberries

Scones with Cornish clotted cream, on top of the jam of course in the Cornish way.

A giant Birthday cup cake, candles blown and wishes made

..... and another birthday cake, well you can never have too many.

The guests aged from 6 months to late 80's came from various parts of the country to celebrate.  There was much eating, much drinking and all but the octogenarians had huge fun on the bouncy castle trying to perform the acrobatics they could do with ease when younger.  Those who probably thought I had gone completely mad hiring it for a 60th Birthday were soon jumping up and down with huge grins on their faces.  Shoes discarded, synchronised mass bouncing, inhibitions lost and that was the adults!  The children dragged off reluctantly to eat and drink before clambering back up.   Yours truly was even persuaded to clamber up and held desperately on to the side as her 'loving' family decided see how high they could catapult mum into the air.  Ending with a mass photo taken on the castle with everyone pulling funny faces, not your usual 60th Birthday family photo for us!

Today..... clearing up

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend,

Chickpea xx


  1. You've given me an idea for next year! ( although maybe April wouldn't be a good for outside parties)

  2. Well all that bouncing up and down would keep you warm!

  3. Wow! What a fun party! It sounds like a good time was had by all. I'm impressed with you getting into the bouncing yourself, way to go!

  4. haha reluctantly Jennifer, but had to be done :)

  5. I think your garden looks fabulous - very inviting indeed.

  6. Thank you Isabelle, sunshine makes everything look so much better.

  7. What a wonderful day, I didn't see any carrot sticks though ;) x

  8. Now that's an idea, they are so small they could be carrot sticks that you don't have to cut :)


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