Monday, 9 June 2014

Countdown to the Big Six O Party

This list is going to get bigger, messier and panickier ( I think I just made that word up)

My OH will be sixty in a few weeks and I decided in a rash moment to throw a party *cue running around panicking*

I haven't thrown a party since the children were little, I usually opt for the easy option and we all go out for a meal and let someone else worry about the place being tidy and putting food on the table which is edible.  So you can imagine why I'm now wandering around muttering 'why did I say I would do this?'  Don't get me wrong, it will be wonderful to have family gathering at our home to celebrate reaching the grand old age of 60  ( he's going to love me for that little dig).  We often have family over for meals, every Xmas I get my pinny on and cook for the family, but this is like Xmas times 10!!!  Well ok not that many as he doesn't want too much of a fuss so it will be just extended family of about 20.

I've hedged my bets by saying no presents, just bring a plate of food to share which I genuinely do think is a lovely way for everyone to feel like they are contributing to the celebrations, but it also means there will be some lovely food, as there are some excellent cooks in the family.  I am a good basic cook, but always manage to have a disaster when catering for lots of people.  Something usually gets forgotten in the oven and gets burnt to a crisp.  What can you buy for a 60 year old anyway, it's hard enough at Xmas with everyone asking what he wants and the only things he can ever think of is slippers and wine.  I will need to make some party food that can be prepared ahead, major tidy up of the house, clear bedrooms of all my craft projects so people will have somewhere to sleep.  In my defence it's not all my clutter, funny how kids move out and leave all their stuff behind!  Why are there 3 computer towers, boxes of cables etc etc still in the guest room wardrobe?  You know who I'm talking too!!

So today I sprung (well staggered) in to action and made a list.  I always have to have a list, I usually write them and lose them, so this one is going on the chalk board so I can't ignore or lose it.  Looking at it, there isn't much on there, I must come up with more ideas.  Any suggestions would be gratefully received.  It will be a cold buffet that people can help themselves to through out the day, preferably prepared a day ahead, I don't want too much to do on the morning, or the day.  After all, a party is to be enjoyed by all, including the hosts, and I'll be too busy bouncing up and down on the bouncy castle! mmmm maybe not, I don't want the grandchildren catapulted into space!

Today i've made a start cleaning the oven, I don't want people fainting when they open it and seeing how grubby it is, all I can say is thank goodness for those mats that you put on the bottom of the oven to catch all the drips. I might even clean the windows which have little handprints and cats nose prints all over them.

I think I will have to lie down after all this!!


  1. Thank you, I will need it, I'm not known to be the most organised person, I always forget something, often something major! Now I did order a cake didn't I?


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