Thursday, 26 June 2014

Strong coffee, Cat Yoga and the British Weather

The best mornings are when I don't have to go to work early.  I sit in the garden listening to the birds with my morning coffee to wake me up.  I have suffered from insomnia for years, last night I didn't even go to bed as I knew it would be totally pointless, the heat is stifling.  I just caught as much sleep as I could on the sofa where it was cooler.  In the mornings I am shattered so I need some strong coffee to get me going.  If I could take it intravenously I would.  I seem to have an awful lot of friends who have the same problems with sleep, it is awful to feel so tired you want to cry and still not sleep the next night.  I used to sleep walk until I was in my early 20's, I don't think I still do it, well no one has told me I do!

My morning routine, lift cup to lips

So while I am sitting having my morning fix of caffeine Ziggy (yes I was a Bowie fan) goes through her morning routine.


touch your left paw

raise your right leg

touch your right paw



and rest

.....and then wander off to poo in the lovely new litter tray (aka veg patch) we have provided for her in the garden.

The weather has broken here now so hopefully it will cool down a bit, but it does not look good for the Big Six O party on Saturday.  We have been working hard on the garden to make it all ship shape, I've gathered  cushions and quilts for the garden chairs, tea lights and lanterns, the Bouncy Castle is booked for the children......and not so tiny children, and the forecast is for rain!  Typical British weather!  I think we are going to be a bit cramped if we all have to stay indoors with excitable children buzzing around our feet.  Sipping Pimms indoors will not be the same .  I really want this to be a lovely party for the wonderful man who looked after me so well last year while I was recovering.  But I know the best present he can have is to be surrounded by family who will be coming from across the country to celebrate with us.

Do any of you have weather reliant plans for the weekend?

Welcome to my new bloglovin follower Diane and to isabelle

Chickpea xx


  1. Ziggy is the spitting image of my old cat Martin....he died many years ago but it's lovely to see a cat so much like him - thank you!

  2. I was about to shut down the computer for the evening when I saw your post, lucky me. They're expecting rain over here on Saturday which is a pity since we were planning on going to the beach.
    I too have suffered from terrible insomnia by the way. My sleep pattern was shattered by my eldest, who was a lovely baby but hardly slept the first three years of his life. Even the smallest noise or rise in temperature wakes me now.
    Oh yes, and I think your cat does yoga wonderfully. And thank you for your warm welcome.

  3. Gorgeous puss cat.
    It must be awful not to be able to sleep. I know how tired and grumpy I get after just one bad night.

  4. Maybe your Ziggy would like to give my cat Dyson some yoga lessons. He's now so heavy he fall through the fence!

  5. My youngest son didn't sleep until he was almost 5, I think strange sleep patterns must run in the family. It certainly didn't help my insomnia. It's awful isn't it isabelle.

    Yes I do get very tired and grumpy sometimes, but you do learn to live with it. The heat at the moment is making it harder.

    She is a lovely cat, she is so funny with her little stretching routine. awww poor Dyson

  6. I really hope the weather holds out. The cat photos are really fascinating to me; I've never had a cat and haven't spent much time around them but I think they're really interesting animals.

  7. Thanks Jennifer, we have had some beautiful weather, so unlucky that it is changing before the party.

    They are clever animals with their own personalities.

  8. Really sorry to read you have trouble with sleeping. It's a fundamental need and being tired effects everything.

    The weather may be ok for your party though, we were forecast rain in Sussex today and it's been scorching all day.

    Jean x

  9. Thank you and welcome Shrimpton and Perfect, we are keeping everything crossed here x


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