Sunday, 8 June 2014

All the F's - Flowers, Food, Family, Friends, Fledge and a Fotobombing cat (ok I cheated a bit there)

I love Sundays, it's a day to lie in, mooch around, catch up with friends and family and if you are feeling energetic go for a nice long walk.  It started well with clean cat vomit free rugs, thank you Ziggy, got even better with a catch up on the phone with a very dear friend who is coming down for a visit.  She moved away to Norwich last year and is much missed, good friends are to be cherished, especially ones who bring you big bags of pic and mix when you are recovering from surgery.  Thanks B xxxx

I decided to take some photos of my flowers as I am trying to learn how to use the OH proper grown up camera.   I love my iPhone and take most of my photo's with it because I always have it with me, so I don't miss out on those unexpected moments that you cannot catch again.  But a proper camera is good for close ups and long distance so I'm trying to get the hang of it, I find it all too complicated and usually just end up setting it on auto.  Ziggy decided to get in on the act, she often lies on her back, legs in the air catching some rays. Is that normal cat behaviour?

Our eldest son came over and helped out with odd jobs, in return he gets fed, fair deal I think. Home grown new potatoes, haha I love saying that! "Oh, they are home grown of course"  a quiche made with Cornish asparagus, (has anyone else noticed that it makes your wee smell funny?), peppers, courgette and a lovely mild creamy goats cheese from Aldi.  Made with gluten free pastry, which I think I've cracked now by adding an egg and xanthan gum.

 The wood is coming tomorrow for the veg patch so the OH has been digging it out in preparation, much appreciated by the birds who were hopping around looking for worms.  It's going to be 3m by 2m, so big enough to grow some of our favourite veg, but not take up too much of the garden.  I will definitely be growing new potatoes as we love eating them fresh from the garden. I think I have a lot of research to do before I get started, it will be a steep learning curve.  I don't want to waste space growing things that are just as cheap and tasty from the shops.

It is the time of year when the birds start to fledge. Every year we have Jackdaws nesting in our chimney, we know they have arrived when twigs start appearing in the grate.  I hear them squabbling up there which drives the cat mad as she can't climb up the chimney to reach them.

Feels a bit like Springwatch here at the moment, lets hope it doesn't turn too cold.  But thanks for the kindling wood.

Chickpea x


  1. Very useful to have your fire laid for you by Jackdaws!

  2. haha yes, they are well trained

  3. I think the wee smell has to do with not having an enzyme that breaks down the chemical in asparagus that causes the smell. :) The quiche looks so good.

  4. Lovely pictures and I really am a sucker for a good cat picture ;)

    Lunch looks great and I can't wait to say "home grown potatoes" I will probably say it a few times lol

  5. aha! I didn't know about the enzyme, they are worth it tho, asparagus season is so short we gorge on them when they are available!

    Thank you, the quiche tasted good, even the gluten free pastry was edible! In the past it's been so hard we couldn't eat it.

  6. Julee, I think you will, I have serious allotment envy, its more like a field!!


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