Saturday, 21 June 2014

Samba at Polperro

What a glorious day it has been in Cornwall, I hope the weather has been nice for you where ever you  are.

Today our Samba band were playing at  Polperro Festival, what an absolutely beautiful village.  We were joined in the parade by little children from the village who made their own instruments, it was delightful.

I'm pretty worn out from the heat and banging away at the Tam, so I will leave you with some photo's.  They were taken on my phone so are not the greatest quality, but I hope you enjoy a little look around the village.  If you are ever in the area, pay a visit, it's worth the trip.

Some of the band taking a break

 One of the drums showing the padding at the back to protect your knees, with my tam on the top, the big drums are far too heavy for me!

 Heading off for refreshments after a lovely fun day.  I love playing in Samba Celtica, 

Chickpea xx  

      and welcome to Trudy :)


  1. One of my favourite villages - never seen it looking to pretty and blue though!

  2. They were very lucky with the weather for the festival, a fun day was had by all

  3. very pretty town, somewhere I havent been but perhpas one day :-)

  4. It is lovely Dawn worth a visit


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