Tuesday, 17 June 2014

A walk around my home city

Come on a shopping trip with me, it won't cost you anything, you can just window shop.  I thought I would take you on a little walk around the city of Truro which is my nearest shopping centre.

Well for a start if you saw it you wouldn't think it was a city because it is very small,  it is also the only city in Cornwall.  It started as a market town with a bustling port, tho again you wouldn't realise as now it is mainly leisure boats that moor on the river and the quay was covered over many years ago.

It has some beautiful parks, which I will take you on a walk around another day.  Today I will show you some of my favourite little streets and alleys, as I do my shopping.

Beautiful flowers everywhere

Little waterways make their way through the heart of the city

This must have been the smallest police station in the world!

The Cathedral is getting all spruced up ready for our summer visitors.  You would need a head for heights to do that job

Warm enough for a picnic in the cathedral garden

A little home for creatures in the cathedral grounds

The flags are out in Victoria Square

I get a weekly veg box from these lovely people.  They support the local farms and producers by  sourcing everything from Cornwall.  Cuts down on food miles as well. 

The drummer has raised a few eyebrows as he is....um how can I say it....anatomically complete

I hope you enjoyed our little shopping trip, I will show you more of my beautiful city soon.

Chickpea xx


  1. It's many many many years since we went to Truro, what a beautiful summer day in a lovely place. My favourites of your photos is the one with the flags and the alleys and waterways.

  2. I expect it's changed a lot since you visited. It is a beautiful city, I feel very lucky to live here.

  3. Lovely photos again. It's such a pretty place. There are quite a few corners of it that I don't know yet but the places I do know are great.

  4. Thanks Marianne, I'll take you exploring one day x

  5. I'm ashamed to say that I've never been to Truro, despite it being so close. You've whetted my appetite though - fantastic shots.

  6. Thanks Em, I dragged the OH big camera around with me, glad it was worth the effort. I really need to get something smaller, but no idea what to get

  7. Gorgeous pics Sue, and lovely article too :-)


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