Friday, 20 June 2014

Craft Fun with Pizza Packaging and a Kebab Stick

I spent a wonderful morning at a print workshop playing and getting mucky.  It was huge fun and I came away pleased with what I achieved and full of ideas for further projects  (as if I didn't have enough projects planned!)

It was so easy everyone came away with lovely prints, whether they had any arty skills or not,  in my case not.  It didn't require any expensive printing blocks we just made our own.  We were shown several printing techniques but my favourite involved cutting out shapes with the bases that pizzas come on from supermarkets ( polystyrene?) and kebabs sticks to make holes in them.

Printing on different paper,  unfortunately it doesn't show up very well in this photo.

We mixed the water based printing ink on a piece of glass (a glass table matt could be used) to achieve the colour we wanted, then used a roller to put the ink onto the print block

We made the blocks by drawing onto the pizza packaging, then cutting it out and making patterns on it with a kebab stick

First practice

Press the block onto paper, putting more paint on the block when needed.

Using different colours on the same block

 The fish block

I like the uneven look, faded in some places.  I would like to use fabric paint and try printing on some fabric next.

It is lots of fun, have a go at home.   If you contact me I can give you contact details of the workshops.

Chickpea xx


  1. Brilliant. I like the fish best!

  2. I love the fish and starfish prints and would like to see them done on fabric, what a lovely craft to do with so many posibilitys

  3. Thank you Dawn and welcome, I'm hoping to get the time to experiment more with printing soon.


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