Sunday, 22 June 2014

The Fourth Reincarnation of a Coffee Table

Just needs polishing and waxed

We bought this table when we moved here 14 years ago, it had a dark wood stain which suited the room at the time.  About five years later I decided it needed a change and painted it white, along with a side table bought at the same time as the colour scheme of the room had changed.  Last year I decided to play around with painting techniques and painted a Union flag on it.  My poor OH just shakes his head and doesn't bother asking why now.  I wasn't completely happy with it, despite rubbing it down and generally roughing it up, it still looked too new and 'in your face'.  I kept looking at it, scratching my head, wondering whether to leave it, sell it or get the paint brushes out and change it back to white again.  I have a big party to host next week,  I need all the tables I can muster so it needed to be sorted.

Today at last I got around to doing something about it, so it's gone from this.

To this, which suits the muted tones of the room better.

Using some watered down paint I gradually gave it a 'white wash' .  It took about four coats, but I'm now happy with my 'Union Jack' table.  So it is on it's fourth life and ready for the party.

Here are some photos from when I painted the flag.  It was in winter so had to be completed indoors in a tiny space as it was far too cold to work in the garage, yes I am a bit of a softy when it comes to the cold.

I drew the design onto the table with a pencil, then put masking tape either side of the lines to be painted.  I had to make sure the paint was completely dry before removing them and going on to the next sections.

 The bits that were to be left white were covered in masking tape.

Then the blue to finish it off.  It took a bit of working out, and a lot of patience.

When I cleared my parents house I couldn't bear to get rid of a lot of the furniture so it was all stored in our garage.  Over the last few years I have been cleaning them up, treating any woodworm and giving some of them a coat of paint.  They are well made with proper dove tailed drawers, unlike a lot of the furniture you see now.

This  was a tiny dark wood wardrobe given a new lease of life

This little chest of drawers was made in 1960, I painted over the dark wood, added new knobs and a new mirror.  I love the detail of the carvings.  It is now by our bed and used everyday.

I am working on the furniture that was in my room as a child.  I don't want to paint it even tho the wood veneer is in a bad way.   This is one of the dressers in the room our grandchildren stay when visiting, with the rag rug I made last year.   I am still working on the other dresser which had some woodworm and a wardrobe, but I love their shape.  I think the OH is thoroughly fed up with me taking all the space in the garage with my 'projects' so I need to get them done ASAP

 It is also a way of keeping a little bit of my childhood.  My parents lived in the same house all their married lives and I was born in the house.  It is now owned by my son and he has completely renovated it.  My parents would be thrilled that it is still in the family and is still a happy home, also that the furniture they saved hard to buy is still in use.

I love using old furniture that has a history, it is not everyones cup of tea, I expect many people are looking at it and thinking I should just throw it all out and buy brand new perfect condition furniture (my OH for a start)

Are any of you furniture recyclers?

Chickpea xx


  1. I love the way the table came out! We are definitely furniture recyclers here. I have an old microwave cart, found on the street, which has served as wine storage, a diaper-changing table, a homeschool-supplies station and, briefly, a microwave cart. :)

  2. Thanks Jennifer, wow that cart has an interesting history, and all for free.

  3. I love the table, very British, I have a few bits of furniture I want to paint for the spare room, I plan on white with some one stroke roses painted on them.
    It will be a winter task.
    Your rag rug looks very interestin can I ask what method you used I would love to see it in more detail.

  4. Thank you Dawn, stroke roses sound lovely on paint furniture. I will put a post up about the rug, I went to a workshop last year to learn how to make them. This is the first one I have made and I'm really please with how it turned out. Planning to make more when I find the time!

  5. I love how the table turned out and that old wardrobe and chest of drawers are gorgeous x

  6. Thank you Julee, I especially love that the wardrobe and chest of drawers were from my parents house, and I think the table may stay like this for a while.......

  7. The furniture all looks amazing and it is great that you are recycling it. I think people buy new sometimes because they don't know how to renovate or update, it's great that you are sharing so people get ideas. xx

  8. Thank you sewing green lady xx


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