Saturday, 7 June 2014

Pride goes before a fall

First of all I would to say thank you to my Bloglovin followers,  welcome to my little blog. I would love to show you photos full of beautiful veg growing in my garden rather than death and destruction......

Now what was I saying about how good I am at growing potatoes?  They are looking very poorly, within days of looking healthy and green and lovely, they are now turning a funny colour and wilting away.  In the past I have mistakingly left potatoes in the pots when I harvested them and they have gone on to grow lovely plants the next year all by themselves.  I think my problem is this year I have been smothering them with care.  It was the same with the childrens goldfish, I bought a lovely little tank for them, kept it clean, put little toys in there for them......and they died, one after another.  Yet the huge goldfish kept in the smallest dirtiest bowl that I used to see outside the pet shop in town, must have been years old.

Luckily the potatoes themselves seem to be ok, so I will have to harvest them all (that is the correct word isn't it? I'm new to all this veg growing malarky).  Not sure whether it would be safe to put more potatoes in the same pots or if they would get infected.

My sugar snap peas and sweet peas in the bargain buckets are still growing, yes I know I called them mange tout in my last post about the garden, I couldn't find the packets, I think I am right this time.  They have some flowers on them so hopefully I might have a pea or two.  The lettuce in the blue pot had to be thrown away, I have never seen so many creatures in my life crawling all over them.  I tried washing them off but there were millions of them and as a vegetarian I didn't fancy eating them.  I am also trying to be organic so didn't want to blast things with chemicals.

We have had some strawberries, very tasty they were too.

There are lots of flowers on the tomato plants, so fingers crossed I will get something from them, tho by past experience I am not getting too excited. The cucumber plant is still alive, and the courgettes just about, but not looking very healthy.  The chilli is looking good.  (did I just jinx it by saying that) Yes I am rubbish at gardening, did I mention that my family call me Charlie 'grim reaper' Dimmock?  But I keep trying.

I have ordered some wood to make my little veg patch ( or should I call that killing patch) in the garden.  It will arrive on Monday and I am debating whether to make one large bed or two small beds, and what to plant in them this time of year.

 I really love looking at all the blogs with their wonderful gardens and veg patches, I envy your green fingers and would appreciate any tips you can give me.

Charlie 'grim reaper' Dimmock x

p.s. does anyone else have a cat who runs all through the house, over tiles and wood floor just to vomit on cream rugs? - every time! What is that all about?


  1. lol you sound like me, killer of all things green. Maybe we could start a club!

    Seriously you have some lovely looking spuds and your cucumber plant is huge, mine got to 2 cms then stopped growing (I know there's a smutty remark waiting to come out there somewhere)

    We also have beige carpets but our cats like to run through the mud through the house and jump through the front room window and go round again for another go........

    Funny old life isn't it?

    Take care Chickpea x

  2. haha, I'm glad I'm not the only one, I don't know where I go wrong! We just ate the potatoes for tea and they were delicious the skin just fell off them!

    I found clumps of mud on the back of the cream sofa this morning, she had obviously been out digging up the newly planted shrubs! Wouldn't be without her tho

    Loving your blog paidinchickens, I will be watching your allotment carefully xx


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