Saturday, 14 June 2014

Attacked by Ants

I remember as a child watching an old black and white film set in Africa, where millions of deadly ants were marching across the country eating everything in their path, including animals and people.  They hitched a lift on leaves to get across a river to reach the unfortunate people trying to escape, they were very clever ants.

Well it seems ants have out manoeuvred me and taken over my greenhouse.  I moved a pot and all hell broke loose as they swarmed around heroically dragging eggs behind them while the soldier ants (is there such a thing) attacked me.  Boy can the little blighters bite!  I'm hopping around the greenhouse trying to brush the little devils off much to the amusement of the OH and son, who by the way didn't come to my rescue, before beating a hasty retreat.

They are now in charge of my greenhouse and I don't know what to do about it.  I hate killing things so that isn't an option, but are my plants safe in there?  Will they eat them?  Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

Before I got attacked I decided to take some photos of the plants before they die.  I know I sound pessimistic but from past experience its best not to get too attached.  One of the tomato plants is not looking well at all.  It has some little tomatoes forming so I'm hoping I might get something from it before it keels over.  The courgette plants are not looking the healthiest of specimens, but have flowers on them.  I'm more excited about the prospect of the flowers than the courgettes themselves.  I get courgettes in my veg box but never the flowers.  I had stuffed courgette flowers in a restaurant a while ago and would love to make my own.

It's been very hot today but I had read somewhere that it is a good time to weed the flower beds.  It always amazes me how weeds can take root in the most unlikely of places, little cracks in cement will have weeds pushing their way up through.  Today I found some growing happily away in the forks of my twisted willow, such tenacious little things.  I only wish my vegetables had such a strong will to live.

I picked up some plants for the new veg plot today, its not finished yet but I got a bit carried away at the garden centre.  I chose baby sweetcorn and spinach, not sure if this was a good choice or not but they are things we love to eat so worth a go. With the completion of the veg patch it means I'm getting nearer to crossing something off from my 60 by 60 list.  Tho perhaps I shouldn't cross it off until I have managed to grow something in it.

As the day got hotter I took the only sensible option, I sat in the shade with a book and let the ants get on with it.

I hope you have all had a lovely day.

Chickpea xx


  1. Ants are a pain under plants and do lots of damage. I can happily let them live anywhere except in the poly tunnels and strawberry beds. so we use ant powder in places where we want to save the plants

  2. Thanks for the advice, sounds like I will have to get rid of them if they are going to do damage, I think I will be wearing welly boots and gardening gloves before I tackle them.

  3. Oh dear. I don't have much advice. I thought you were going to say you'd actually been attacked by ants yourself, bodily, which is horrible. I have unfortunate experience with that. I think you can put boric acid powder down for ants. It's safe for people and pets, though. Have you tried that yet?

  4. The ants here are pretty harmless, they attack you if you disturb their nest but its not too painful. I haven't done anything yet, I will have a look again tomorrow and if they are still there I'll look into getting something to get rid of them. I hate killing anything, they were just protecting their eggs. I'm such a softy!

  5. This blogger has also been tackling ants and this may be helpful


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