Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Checking on the Veg, and Ditching the Drugs

I was sent home from hospital with Tramadol pain killers along with paracetamol and ibuprofen.  As a child whatever was wrong with me, I was given one junior aspirin, my leg could be falling off and it would be one junior aspirin.  I think this way of looking at things has stuck with me,  I have always been reluctant about taking any medication.  When I started taking the Tramadol they caused more problems than the pain.  I can just about deal with the pain, I grit my teeth, swear and get through it.  Feeling sick, dizzy and not being able to keep my eyes open was something that had me struggling to cope so I haven't taken them today and will see if they have been causing the problems.  I will keep taking the other meds for the pain, lets hope I feel 'more myself'.

I managed to get out into the garden today to check on the veg patch. (yes I was wondering around the garden in P. J's, I can't fit into proper clothes yet)  It was warmer than I thought it would be and so lovely to get some sun on my face.  This beautiful butterfly landed on the chair beside me and seem to enjoy the sun as much as me.  A beautiful red butterfly landed on my shoulder, but disappeared before I could get a good look.

There was someone keeping a sneaky eye on me.

They are being nibbled by something, but still growing away happily.  Talking of happy.....

I can't tell you how good it felt to have a bath and wash my hair today....... little steps :)

I still haven't decided on a book to read, maybe if I'm not 'off my face' on painkillers I will be able to concentrate more and get into a good book :)

I made a few more crochet circles :)

The sun on my face :)

See, more happy faces today :)

Thank you for your comments as always.  I am also so happy for Sue from Our New Lives in the Country who has found her dog.  It brought tears to my eyes.

Chickpea xx


  1. Lovely to hear you are up and vertical and moving gently, I take a teeny weeny dose of Tramadol at night for my back probs and it works a treat. Was horrified to find in Hospital that it is a Controlled Drug ( although not really sure what that means) I shall not be increasing from what I take anytime soon.
    I'm still puzzled cos I was sure you were in the Google pics on my blog and then you'd gone!
    Take Care

  2. Yes I remember you welcoming me so I don't know what happened x

  3. Glad you are on the mend. We eschew painkillers here too unless they are really necessary. Can't be doing with feeling spaced out like that either.

  4. Feeling sick, dizzy and tired is a common side effect with tramadol and other opioid pain medication (morphine for example). If your pain is still really bad, you could try paracetamol with codeine instead. Codeine is not as strong as tramadol and is available over the counter, or on prescription at a higher dose.
    I am glad you are getting back to your normal self slowly! Your garden looks lovely and I hope you manage to sit outside for a few minutes every day. Cx

  5. CT it is awful to feel so spaced out, it wasn't helping my recovery at all

  6. Thanks for the advice Christina, I will ring the doctor tomorrow and see if I can get something with codeine that will suit me better :)

  7. As Christina said those are some pretty strong meds, so I hope that not taking them has relieved your other symptoms and that you are feeling a little better, speaking to the doctor is a good idea. xx

  8. I haven't taken Tramadol myself but I've heard it works well for pain. I am very careful about meds too; I've had kidney and liver problems in the past and I'm always worried about aggravating the previous damage done to those organs and I know many drugs can act on them. Your veggies are looking good, I'm glad they're still trucking along. Feel well.

  9. Hopefully the weather is going to be better for you to sit outside this week. Good to hear that you are up but bad about the pain. Be kind to yourself xxx

  10. I only take medication when there is NO alternative, I always feel it causes other problems. Sounds like you know what you're doing, remember just to pootle about and don't be tempted to do too much. Rest is always the best cure.




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