Tuesday, 23 September 2014

The Great Escape

First of all I would like to say a huge thank you to Amy over at http://lovemademyhome.blogspot.co.uk.  She ran a give away and my name was picked out of the hat.  I am chuffed to bits, I love surprises.  I will show you when the surprise box arrives.

So on to 'The Great Escape'.  I broke out of the house today,  O.K. so I'm no Steve McQueen, and I wasn't on a motorbike.  It will be four weeks tomorrow since the operation and I was told once I felt able to do an emergency stop then I would be o.k. to drive.  So off I went in my car, where did I choose to go? I went to a fabric shop :)  I'm sure fellow fabric obsessed crafters out there will understand.  The driving was actually easier than the walking, I could have sworn I saw a tortoise overtake me as I walked to the shop.  I thought I was doing brilliantly until I handed over my Tesco club card to pay for the fabric!  Still not as sharp as I should be lol

I was on a roll so decided to drive to the park and walk around the duck pond.  It was a beautiful sunny day and so peaceful.  I walked slowly and took advantage of all the seats. I loved every minute of it.

It is a very pretty little park with lots of interesting plants and some very old trees.  The gardeners have certainly done a good job.  It is not too formal, with wild areas and plenty to attract wildlife.

Strange fungus

Beautiful Autumnal colours

Look at those feet

Beautiful flashes of turquoise

Just need to have a dig under there

A little dash of purple among beautiful greys and black.

I love seeing the ducks, I don't think they thought much of me as I didn't bring any food for them.  We brought our children here when they were little, we now take our grandchildren to feed the ducks.  Where did the time go?

There was a lot of preening by the ducks, and who can blame them for showing off their beautiful feathers.  Just look at those colours.

After the fiasco of the Tesco 'security' panic over my online account yesterday morning.  I received a phone call this morning from someone explaining that they have discovered that every time I go on to Windows, someone is downloading a virus to my computer, but don't worry as they can sort it out for me.   Wait.......What????   What a lying little *****  I don't even have Windows!   I am really annoyed as I'm sure there will be people who believe their scam and get into all sorts of trouble.

Julee will be glad to hear my cat had a lovely peaceful few hours without me pestering her :)

Chickpea xx

Welcome to Simple Living :)


  1. What a lovely day you have had x

  2. First of all well done you on recognising that scam, so many people fall for these things. If I get a dodgy call like that I say, did you know the police are recording all my calls, they hang up really fast and don't call again!! I am so glad that you went out and drove!! Don't worry about the clubcard thing, I do that sort of thing too, I have handed over my library card and my boots card in the wrong places before now and I don't have your excuse! The parcel is on the way, thank you for your thanks. I hope that you like it. It seems to be very hyped, so I just hope that it lives up to expectations!! xx

  3. looks like you had a great day, love the pics but you didnt take one of your fabric!!

  4. It was so lovely to get out Simple Living. I have missed jumping in my car and just taking off :)

  5. I'm sure I will love whatever is in the box Amy, it is just lovely getting a surprise :)

  6. Oh I forgot about photographing the fabric Knittynutter! Mostly white for the new baby quilt but couldn't resist a couple of fat quarters.

  7. Those scammers can be very convincing! I had a similar phone call to yours a few weeks ago, the caller was really angry with me because I didn't fall for her.
    Fabric shops are just great, aren't they? I am not allowed to go near one until I find a job :)
    The duck's feet are stunning, what a great series of photos. Cx

    P.S. I am glad you are feeling well enough for an outing by car.

  8. I'm glad you didn't fall for the scam call! Also glad you are able to start getting out - the park looks a lovely place for a walk!

  9. How lovely that you've won Amy's giveaway... Just the person to deserve it after what you've had to put up with the past few weeks. Sounds like you've had a lovely day out too.

  10. What a beautiful park, and lovely sunshine too. We have had rain today - the first time for what feels like weeks. It was strange to hear it battering on the window!

  11. Your using the wrong card reminded me of my card mistake. It was on the bus. I don't use the bus very often and put my Library card on the machine instead of my bus pass, the driver was not pleased, but then they're a miserable bunch here in Brighton. lol
    Glad you're getting there with your op.

  12. I do that sort of thing with the card without the excuse of being on medication!!!! I enjoyed the walk around the pond, glad you are really getting going now xxx

  13. Hi Christina, they can be convincing and can scam people out of thousands, I don't know how they can live with themselves. I love fabric shops but try to avoid them as I get carried away. This was purely in the interests of my health :)

  14. It is a lovely walk Louise, not too far, flat and lots to see. We are so lucky to have places like this. With all the cuts the councils have to make, I worry that we will lose places like this.

  15. Thank you Gina, I have been pretty fed up over the last few weeks, it was lovely to have something nice happen for a change :)

  16. I woke up this morning to rain Scarlet, boo!! Though the garden does need it.

  17. I'm glad I'm not the only one to do that with the card Briony and Fran! I have so many loyalty cards crammed into my purse it gets ridiculous

  18. It must have been nice a little break from the house & a trip to a fabric shop too!

  19. It was Joanne, I was getting cabin fever!


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