Saturday, 13 September 2014

Cliffs and Cream Tea

Hi everyone, thank you for your comments yesterday.  It's going to take a while to fully recover, I am shattered today and sore so today is a day of rest. I probably did a bit too much walking while we were away.  Sometimes I am my own worse enemy!

 I have been working on my sock for most of the day.  We popped into town to pick up some more needles yesterday as I couldn't start the second sock with three needles, it was just too difficult.  I am really enjoying working on it and even bought more wool yesterday for another pair.....well I had to make the trip worthwhile :)

Here are some more photos from our 'mini holiday', it really is a beautiful coastline with lots of points of interest.  If you are ever in that area take a walk along the coastal path and then treat yourself to an Annes Pasty in the village.  The area is also famous for its beautiful serpentine.

Even though the wild flowers are gone, there are still beautiful shapes and colours to be seen

This fascinated me, I don't know what or why this was done.  Anyone know?

The Cornish hedge has been repaired here so you can see the stones before they are covered in growth.  The middle of the hedge is packed with earth.  It is a skilled craft which hopefully will not die out.

Having a snooze in the sun.

It is interesting to see the different butterflies here which I don't have in my garden.

 I love the big cliffs and wild seas crashing onto the rocks.

When I put this on Facebook a friend thought I was standing on the edge.  I was actually sitting safely on a rock with my feet dangling over another big granite rock.  I know my limitations at the moment :)

I wish I could fly

They didn't have gluten free scones so I had a cream tea with gluten free bread rolls instead.  As long as I had the clotted cream I didn't care what it was on :)

I hope you have enjoyed the walk,

Chickpea xx

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  1. The spider's webby thing is protecting the caterpillars inside.

  2. A lovely walk Chickpea, thanks for taking me. I actually love seed heads as much as flowers, so fascinating. The view looks very familiar but I can't place it. I wonder if I have been enjoying cream tea in the same place before? Cx

  3. Lovely pictures of Cornwall I am quite jealous since it has been so long since we visited, Marianne was right it is protecting caterpillars, all the best David

  4. No more photo's you're making me Cornwall sick ! need to come back...

  5. So much for taking it easy then.......naughty.

    Beautiful pictures and what lovely blue sea. I'm envious x

  6. Seed heads are beautiful, I wish I had brought some home now so I could practice my drawing.

  7. Sounds like you need a visit soon David, good photo opportunity :)

  8. I know Julee, I am suffering for it now! I never learn x


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