Monday, 8 September 2014

Holding on to Summer with Colour

I have been mooching around the garden today taking photos of anything colourful I can find.  It is my way of trying to hold on to summer.  It is slipping out of my grasp and I haven't done with it yet.  I spoke to a friend this morning who was heading to the beach to do a bit of body boarding.  I wanted to go so badly!!  "We'll go when you are better," she tried to reassure me.  By the time I'm fit, summer will be a distant memory.

I know, I'm whinging when I should be grateful that I will get better and be able to the things I love again, when many people have had to face giving things up forever. I am just so FRUSTRATED!!  I lost the whole of last summer recovering from an operation and here I am again.

O.k.  I will stop whinging now and get on with creating my own colour therapy.  Bright summer colours for this blanket to cheer me up and remind me of summer.  Colours remind me of all the different seasons.  Warm oranges, reds and browns are the colours of Autumn squashes and leaves.  Cold whites and silvers the colours of winter frosts.  Yellows and greens, daffodils and new buds in spring. Each season has its place in my heart.

It has been such a joy to take up crochet again, and it is all down to the blog world.  There are so many inspirational, talented people out there.  A huge thank you to you all :)

What are the colours that you associate with each season?

Chickpea xx


  1. I'm about to start knitting again after my summer break and am really looking forward to it. I love all the colours of Autumn, so rich. Last year I went mad and bought loads of wool of all sorts of different colours to make squares and turn them into a blanket. We have it on our bed when it gets cold and apart from the dogs, my husband and children, it's the one thing I'd save if the house caught fire. I promised L I would make him one as he's always rolling himself up in it! Loving your crochet- I did do that a couple of years back but have defaulted back to knitting. So nice to have projects on the go. xx

  2. Those fuchsias look such a joy. They are flowers which always bring a smile to me face - little ballet dancers. They have such lovely colours too - that's a really good contrast you've got there.

  3. Lovely photographs, the colours of the flowers and leaves are almost a perfect match to your crochet, which is very neat :-) x

  4. Your crochet is simply gorgeous. A positive thing growing from a negative situation.

  5. Hi CT, last year when I was recovering from an operation I knitted a squares blanket for my nephews baby who was due in December. I am really slow at knitting and it took me ages, I don't think I could tackle a full size one! Though I love them, perhaps I could make one with very chunky wool :)

  6. Hi Frugally challenged, I rescued it from Aldi a few months ago, they never seem to water the plants and it was in a very sorry state. It is only little still but so pretty

  7. Hi Karen, there are such beautiful colours in nature, very inspirational

  8. Something positive, that's exactly how I look at it Jean X

  9. It's a little beaut isn't it Em, so shiny :)


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