Saturday, 6 September 2014

Simple Food and Natures Colours

This beautiful chard has been growing away in the veg patch tempting me each time I have ventured out into the garden the last few days.   I could not resist them any longer.  I hobbled out, scissors in hand did the most unladylike crouch and managed to cut some shoots without doing too much damage to myself.

and then.......

I thought I would try doing a bit more than warming things and actually cooked myself a chard omelette.  It was absolutely delicious and I savoured every mouthful :)

Sad I know but it is the little things I am missing the most at the moment.

I am also thrilled with the Chard, a real success in my first veg patch.  I will definitely be planting more.  I had picked enough to share with my neighbour who had been so kind to drop in the casserole.

Our youngest son and his partner came over this afternoon and we sat in the garden while I rested from all that cooking.  It went from being very warm to chilly very quickly.  Autumn is here.

I love the colours of the leaves in Autumn, these colours look beautiful together and would be lovely in a quilt.  Mother nature is very clever.

The garden is shrouded in spiders webs everywhere I look

I hope you are having a relaxing weekend,

Chickpea xx


  1. I love growing chard and often plant some in among the flowers because it is so gorgeous. I planted some yesterday in fact but this time in the veg bed. I've never had it in am omelette though - that's a whole new idea. Thank you.

  2. I often use it in a quiche with some red peppers.
    I never have much luck with the rainbow chard so just stick to green

  3. the chard looks amazing! might have to grow some next year.

  4. Cooking again, brilliant. Lovin the spiderweb/log pic.


  5. I think chard goes well with eggs/cheese dishes and like Sue have put it in quiches. Worth growing :)

    Thanks Jean x


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