Thursday, 18 September 2014

Late Blooms

The weather is still warm enough to sit in the garden so I leave the sofa and set up camp in the garden.  My visitor today is a spider who sits in its web motionless, waiting.    My days have settled into a pattern, read, knit, mugs of tea and coffee, or for a change my Cornishware teapot and cup as a treat for myself.  A gentle walk around the garden.  Check out the veg and weeds growing in the veg garden.  The peas have turned a mottled white and died.  They need to be pulled out and be disposed of, but not by me.  I have learned my lesson.  The pain has retreated to one area, I want it to stay there and not engulf me again.

 I have been avoiding the television.  I don't have the energy for politicians and their lies.  I will shout at the television another day.  There are going to be a lot of people in Scotland disappointed which ever way the vote goes.  Today I will stick with simple pleasures.

I have sweetcorn growing, my first time.  I didn't know where the sweetcorn would appear from.   Suddenly they are here, little tufts sticking out.  Roses have appeared again, little pops of colour just as the rest of the garden is shutting down.  I need to plan for next year, spring bulbs to be bought and planted.  I feel frustrated.  Someone told me how many days to Xmas, I don't want to know.  Life seems to be passing me by at the moment.

Thank you all for your comments yesterday, I found quilt making late in life and it brings me so much joy.  The quilts I have in my house are not for show, they are used, they get worn and stained and shoved in the washing machine, which all adds to their character.  I am grateful to blogland for keeping me sane.  I enjoy reading about you all, getting to know you, seeing your photos.  It makes my world a little bigger than the sofa and the garden.

Chickpea xx


  1. Wonderful photos, as always. Go gently you can catch up with gardening when you are well, Chickpea. It's exciting planning next years harvest too.

  2. It will be interesting listening to the news in the morning.

    The problem is whoever wins they'll still have politicians in charge.

  3. It has been wonderfully peaceful today in Glasgow. Well, at least in our house. All children were off and we just chilled all day. We must be in the storm's eye.

    I hope your pain is better today.

    Your photos are amazing, particularly the spider. I have one like that outside my kitchen window, it has been there a month and grown considerably. Cx

  4. The warmth was wonderful here today, I sat out and enjoyed it too.I'm now going to check out your books on the library website! Take it steady.

  5. A peaceful post, Chickpea. Your world will enlarge again and it sounds like you're moving in the right direction.

  6. lovely photos, I hope your recovery goes well, take care, don't do too much x

  7. who`s a clever girl with the last photo then? very effective

  8. Thank you all for your comments about the photos, I am not a great photographer, I don't have a clue about shutter speeds etc. I am just lucky enough to have a great camera that does it for me.

    It took ages to work out how to do that David, but I have nothing but time at the moment :)

  9. I have no desire to know how long it is to Christmas yet either, although someone told me yesterday how long it is too. I also noticed they are stocking up with the seasonal chocs in the supermarket! A gentle stroll in garden is a much better idea!! xx


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