Monday, 15 September 2014

Our Growing Family

You'll have to excuse the lack of writing over the last few days.  I have been in a lot of pain and unfortunately had to increase my pain killers again, which I really didn't want to do.  I can't think straight when I am in pain and find it hard to string two words together let alone write much.  Two days of not doing much more than sitting on the sofa and I am feeling a little more comfortable.

 It is very much a feeling of deja vu.  Last year I was in the same position of taking many weeks to recover from surgery.  The pattern was the same, I did too much, then my body told me to completely stop everything and rest.  I need to listen to my body again, and stop listening to the voice in my head.  It is nagging me to get up and get on with things.  Stop being lazy.  Get off your ass and do something.  Stop indulging yourself. So what if you are ill, get on with it!  I feel guilty because I am ill.   What is that about?  Why do I feel this way.  Nobody is judging me.  I'm not answerable to anyone, but still I feel I should be 'doing something', especially going back to work, even though the doctors have signed me off.  Sometimes we are own worse enemy.

On a happier note, my dear friend who used to visit me when I was recovering last year bringing big bags of pick and mix has sent me a big box of goodies.  Unfortunately she has moved away but as soon as I saw the box I knew what would be in it :)  I don't usually bother with sweets, but when I'm poorly the sugar hit perks me up, and then makes me feel sick because once I start I can't stop!

We also ate some green beans from the veg patch last night, they were delicious, not like the tough old things you get in supermarkets.  They will be on my list to grow next year. Eating things that I have grown gives me so much pleasure.

Another huge happy is that we have another grandchild on the way, they bring us such joy!  So another cot quilt to plan when I am up to 'digging' out the fabric from my extremely untidy work room.  This will be our third, and we are already wondering what this ones personality will be.  Children are all so unique, with their own ways, a bit of nature and nurture coming together to make each one with their own special personality.

I hope you are all well,

Chickpea xx


  1. I'm sending you positive thoughts. I too am rubbish at sitting still and often end up taking longer to get better from poorlies because I haven't rested when I should, therefore I am repeating what you already know: take your time and REST UP LADY, that way you'll recover faster. Huge congrats on GC number 3, how exciting! xx

  2. Just rest now or it will take longer to recover and you'll be even more fed up then told lol x

    Congrats on your news xx

  3. You really should take it easy your health is more important than a few jobs, they can be done at a later date or delegate to the family :-)

    Congratulations on your wonderful news xx

  4. You know what will happen if you dont take it easy it will take longer to recover, congratulations on your news have fun planning for a new grandchild.

  5. sorry you've had a bit of a set back. The sweets have arrived just in time to keep you company:) Take it easy man, as my son would say.


  6. I hope that when you wake up today, your pain is easing :( but many congratulations in the news of your grandchild, how exciting! Take care of yourself xxx

  7. I do hope things start to pick up soon. Beans are the best! I've grown two pyramids of runners this year and have been eating them for weeks and also giving them to friends. Even before the beans appeared the flowers looked fantastic. Definitely an A1OK crop!

  8. Thanks everyone, I'm trying to behave :)

  9. Congratulations ! and look after yourself, rest and eat those fab sweets !

  10. Congratulations! Best wishes to everyone. I hope you're feeling better soon. I'm glad you have plenty of time to rest, just concentrate on that and you will be okay.

  11. That is wonderful news, congratulations to your family. I hope you continue to rest, recover and feel better. x


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